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DHT is causing that Handles Leak
by Bugmagnet on 2017/03/19 03:33:43 AM
Thanks to another user mentioning problems he was having as being related to DHT, I tested it and found that indeed DHT was causing the exasperating handles leak that I have been twisting over.

The full comic story documented in these screenshots:

by Bugmagnet on 2017/05/16 10:27:21 AM
Due to other life activities, I haven't been able to focus on troubleshooting the handles leak that is triggered by Tixati's DHT function. The unclosed handles build up is in windows svchost.exe, not tixati itself.

This week another user mentioned they were experiencing this also. It is a very gradual process and excess handles might take days to accumulate before having a direct detrimental impact or crash, so many might also have this issue but not know it. I run system monitoring utilities (taskinfo and abpmon) that graphs core system functions so I can easily become aware of such anomalies.

by BRMateus2 on 2017/05/16 08:03:44 PM
I wanna thank you, even if I have nothing to do with the dev team, for such an search to fixes.
by Neonstar on 2017/05/17 10:48:35 AM
No it looks like I'm getting it too... Ubuntu 14.04. It only takes a little while, 1-2 hours before software starts locking up and it takes about five minutes to move the mouse cursor across the screen. v2.48 is the last one I can use.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

by Guest on 2017/05/17 12:41:56 PM
Thanks for this. Good to know I'm not the only one having these issues. For now I turn off DHT after a half hour and let it run off for many hours until it slows down. Then I turn DHT back on briefly.
by Guest on 2017/05/22 01:47:38 PM
I tested this on my Win x64 machine. The transfers are much faster with DHT off. With DHT on everything slows to about half normal rate and many peers are not connecting.
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