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Can't get over ~12MB/s total downstream

by precipitate on 2017/03/13 06:38:03 PM    
I've played around with the max connection settings and I just can't get over 12MB/s on a single torrent or combined.  I've got a 200mbps connection.  I've tested with 1, 5, and 10 concurrent torrents and downstream always tops out around 12MB/s.  I also tested the same torrents with ktorrent, rtorrent and transmission and I was able to pull 23MB/s with all of them.  Are there some advanced socket settings I could try that might help?  I'm on linux, by the way.
by Guest on 2017/03/13 08:16:32 PM    
Try with uTP disabled, no more than 10 half open connections (you're probably forwarded your router so you'll get flooded on incoming connections anyway), and maybe as little as 200 global connections max with that divided between your torrents however you see fit.
DHT and LPD and even Tixati's chat can be disabled to reduce router/modem/firewall cpu load.

I've even found looking at less "busy" parts of the Tixati interface or even having it minimized helps slightly further, as it seems to be a bigger cpu user than other BitTorrent clients.
by Guest on 2017/03/14 05:23:54 PM    
Thanks that helped, but now there's a new problem, which I think is due to disk cache.  Once speeds get up around 20MB/s they crash down to nothing and then climb back up.  I've seen this same behavior with transmission.  I tested out utserver (utorrent) last night and it allows me to set my own cache size and that allowed me to stay steady above 20MB/s.  I really wish I could stick with tixati, but it looks like I'm going to have to use utorrent if I want to take advantage of my bandwidth.
by Guest on 2017/03/15 02:36:52 PM    
get Ram
or get an SSD.
by Guest on 2017/03/30 01:08:17 AM    
It seems like I have the same problem, though, my cap seems to be around 18 MB/s. I can easily pull 50 to 60 MB/s on the exact same torrents with other torrent client - The same numbers are like that as well for uploads.

I do a full pre-write to disk before starting the transfer and my HDD read/write never go above 35%-40%. I have tried across several computers, HDDs and SSDs, my ports are open and confirmed open and all that jazz.

I've had that problem since 2.44 at the very least. Unfortunately there is no match for the Tixati filtering system so I don't have any option to switch to another client as it stands right now.
by Guest on 2017/04/02 10:23:22 AM    
where are the settings for uTP ?
by Pete on 2017/04/02 03:28:24 PM    
Most likely in Settings > Network > Connections > Advanced Socket Options
by Guest on 2017/04/12 07:53:25 AM    
Previous poster in the thread: Just checking in to say that I have not been able to narrow down the problem despite using _a lot_ of hours on it so I have instead decided to re-organize my IP Filters and switch to another client where I am easily seeing a 500-600% increase in both upload and download speeds compared to Tixati (Yes, on the same torrents with the same peers connected).

Judging by the lack of communication in general from the developers here on the forums I assume this is not a problem they'll actively pursue so I will check back in a year or so to see if this problem have been fixed as Tixati overall still is one of the best clients out there :)

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