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[Feature Request] New additional

by Nili on 2013/12/06 02:12:53 PM    
Hello dev's,
Excuse me if I repeat myself sometimes, but I had much desire to implement these new settings in the next version.

To remind you and not forget:

1) Please fix the 99.9% hashchecking, based on topic that have opened recently on the forum.
2)  Add skip hashchecking (this feature can be handle to a lot of user which have more than 500 file to seed and of course when we are convinced that they are correct).This enables us to put very quickly the file in transfers without waiting 2 two days of hashchecking on every file. A similar option can be found on other uT or qB. This feature can be used as On/Off on New Torrent add
3)  Active/Inactive options in left sidepanel to show how much files are active seeding. Like uT
4)  Select ALL (Selecting all files in transferlist)
5)  After select all (update tracker) After making all the files in the list updated, this option "update tracker") to become disabled. Like uT
6) If anything can be done to reduce High CPU and MEM usage (especially on Linux system)
7) infinity tracker checking... When tracker is offline for 30min and comes again online not to lose data in the profile seeding - Tixati to maintain consistency at all times. For a seeders in a private tracker this can really be handly a lot.

Perhaps there were others stuff to ask, but these are very urgent for me. Please decided to make on to do list these features.
And finally
We are waiting for 1.97 day by the day, let us not wait so long. Or at least tell us something if you're bussy with life or other things, no bad thing. Hopefully in a version soon.

Thank you,
by Bugmagnet on 2013/12/07 05:21:21 AM    
good suggestions but now you did it.. set back the next version 4 more months :)
by abrolsahil333 on 2013/12/07 10:49:41 AM    
my tiaxti software doesn,t able to connect t many peers .... can some body hlp me out
by Bugmagnet on 2013/12/08 06:43:23 PM    
the software doesn't control that...the number of seeds and other peers controls. however, some tracker admins might block certain client types and tixati may occasionally be victim of their animose.

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