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Tracker group amount limit

by Guest on 2017/02/27 03:49:13 PM    
In order to optimize speed and find the maximum amount of seeds, I have added this list of 236+ trackers to Tixati to announce to by default. However, when adding a new torrent Tixati only announces to the first 100 trackers including the ones present in the torrent file. Is there a way to bypass this limitation? If not, could you lift this limit or make the maximum amount of trackers tweakable?
by Pete on 2017/03/01 03:23:42 AM    
Adding trackers, which aren't present in original torrent file, DOES NOT HELP. Adding that many trackers to every new transfer will most likely only cause slow down, not to mention unnecessary tracker traffic. Use DHT and trackers included by .torrent file uploader.
by Guest on 2017/03/01 04:12:15 AM    
That is something the user should be able to decide for himself. There have been several instances in which this was the only way to find seeds at all for certain torrents. Besides, Tixati seems to be the only client that has this limitation, which makes it inferior to other clients in this particular aspect.
by Guest on 2020/11/15 01:00:51 PM    
>"does not help"
by Guest on 2020/11/15 06:29:10 PM    
>"does not help"
The reason it doesn't help in most cases is because someone else also has to add that same tracker to the same torrent.

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