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Rael IP Address showing in Peers List while using VPN

by Guest on 2017/02/27 08:50:11 PM    
I am using a vpn to connect to the internet and Tixati 2.51 on Windows 10. When I select a torrent on Transfers then select the peers tab. My actual ip address appears along with country and client showing correctly. Under status is says Self connect.

VPN is supposed to mask my IP address but it stills shows up. Is this particular to Tixati and is this a concern for privacy reason? I do not want to use another client but is Tixati broadcasting my address even behind a vpn?
by Guest on 2017/03/02 10:51:05 PM    
AFAIK, Tixati can't broadcast your IP from behind a VPN any more than any other network application you're using behind that same VPN - if anything leaks, it's the VPN's fault, not the applications. If, say, a simple HTTP "what's your IP" can't read your actual IP, than it's assumable the same is true for other network applications, unless the VPN is specifically configured for HTTP only.

HOWEVER, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe Tixati is reading that from localhost, as opposed from the exterior as it would do for external IPs ? In other words, Tixati can "see" your IP because it's your own, in the same computer you're on, behind the VPN. The only way to test it for sure, I suppose, would be to try and get a reading from an external computer.
by Guest on 2017/03/04 09:02:23 AM    
after beeing sued in the past and my turning to use a vpn, this has been a reliable link for me to see, what's leaking with tixati + vpn (nothing for me, so far):

1. go there
2. find the "torrent address detection" - section
3. click on the "add this magnet link..." - link to have a unique torrent created, that's beeing advertised from your computer
4. check the ip on the site, that's beeing matched with your torrent (updated every few minutes)

i think this should be a reasonable test of the ip within your torrent-filesharing setup.
by Guest on 2017/03/05 01:32:29 AM    
I had the same problem with my VPN because the connection was lost and reestablished a bit later. So for a short time my connection didn't use the VPN but my normal connection with my real IP.
This is a problem that exists across all VPN providers and the only solution is a so called "kill switch" which blocks all traffic if the VPN connection is not active.
Providers like "privateinternetaccess" offer a client with kill switch. (You have to use their client software, VPN by itself cannot block your network traffic)
Other providers may have a kill switch feature as well. (They maybe call it differently)
by Guest on 2017/03/05 09:01:54 AM    
Actually, someone posted something similar to "Saved last night while VPN died."

In short tunnel the whole TIXATI traffic using built-in features of TIXATI, your torrent client.
Go to: Options, Network, connections, Local IPV4 or IPV6 Address interface, Choose the virtual connection of VPN.
Then if the VPN connection get disconnected, your (virtual) network interface will die off, you won't be sharing anything.
by Guest on 2017/03/11 08:41:50 PM    
NOT forwarding Tixati's listening ports on your router/modem is important if you're using a VPN.
Also, you'll probably need to disable UPnP (and NAT-PMP if available) in Tixati.

These obviously won't help if Tixati is making outgoing connections without the VPN, but should prevent unwanted incoming connections not using the VPN.
by tgarner on 2017/03/31 03:58:41 AM    
I'm the one that posted the VPN - Off Topic - called "Thanks Tixati for saving me last night!"

One thing that I have noticed from other torrent clients that I tested (and ditched) and comments in the forums is that ppl are NOT setting their "binding" section properly.  Some are quite ignorant to the proper settings.

My client just upgraded their vpn software, and I didn't realize it, but my TAP disappeared, instead they use their "name" now.  So whew, big sigh of relief there.  

Another thing that I noticed is that when selecting the binding setting, you can actually click on the potential of 3 different items.  I never tested the "other" items so I don't know if it works or not if you accidentally select it.  So pay close attention!

Also, most vpn clients have an internet kill switch, which will kill your total internet connection if your client disconnects.  It is pretty cool, I know mine works, had it happen a couple of times on some of the overseas locations.. ;)

So take your time, investigate and torrent safely.
by callmtvitshappened on 2018/05/14 04:19:04 PM    
Try other VON provider.
by Guest on 2021/06/05 11:35:39 PM    
In version 2.83-1 portable can confirm the above worked after numerous other tests/operations failed including checking software firewall and PeerBlock (still loaded for country-wide bans).  

Go to: Options, Network, connections, Local IPv4  or interface: choose the virtual connection of VPN.
In my case there are SIX items listed including the 2 network cards' hashes, the virtual IP. the VPN provider's label, the LAN / internal static IP of the computer and the name desription of the ethernet card.  Choosing the virtual IP or VPN provider's label both worked.

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