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Possible to Auto Load from Folders?

by ryanhaver on 2013/12/01 06:08:16 AM    
I've exclusively used uTorrent for as long as I can remember, but I'm tired of all the adware that's been integrated into uTorrent. It's time for a change. Like others I recently found Tixati and am super excited to try it out. What an awesome piece of software!

My main workflow with torrents is simplified by the way uTorrent lets a user "auto load" torrents when they are placed into certain folders. All I need to do is upload a torrent via FTP or SCP  to the designated folder and then uTorrent will start downloading the torrent and when finished place the it into another folder.

Does Tixati offer similar functionality?
by Pete on 2013/12/02 11:10:31 AM    
It is possible, these options can be found here: Settings > Transfers > Meta-Info.
by ryanhaver on 2013/12/05 01:04:37 AM    
Thanks Pete! I am now no longer using uTorrent.
by Guest on 2021/11/07 12:58:22 PM    
If the Tixati is not loaded and new .torrent files get put into this directory, why when you load Tixati do these .torrent files not automatically get added to the queue?
by Guest on 2021/11/07 10:09:11 PM    
you have to put torrents into the folder ONLY when tixati is running.
by Guest on 2021/11/08 09:00:53 AM    
Thanks for the reply.
But to have Tixati loaded all the time and torrents going into that folder wouldnt be good as I am not connected to my VPN all the time.
I only load my VPN and Tixati when I have a need for it.
An "on-load" feature would be good where it reads the contents of that folder and adds them all (although I see the problem if people leave the .torrent files in that folder and dont clan them out after it has been added).
by Guest on 2021/11/12 06:10:36 PM    
VPN usage: To forbid Tixati any connections while VPN is off go to Settings -> Connections -> Local IPv4|IPv6 address or interface -> select the VPN interface.

I agree with Guest 2021/11/07 why are unknown torrents not automatically added on startup?

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