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edge file missing (force check to override)

by Dimitri001 on 2017/02/09 07:27:19 AM    
I formatted my computer and installed Win 10 (was on XP), I reinstalled tixati and imported the config file which I had saved from the previous installation and that gave me my transfer list back.

All the files those transfers were downloading were still in the same palce, in the unformatted partition.

What happened however is that some torrents gave the following error: "edge file missing (force check to override)"

When I forced the check it found I'd downloaded 99% of those torrents, even tho I had downloaded 100%.

In searching this forum I found this:

"edge file missing" .. sounds like you were partial seeding. . . You may have 100% of what you wanted, but did you select all the files?
In FILES tab did you uncheck (priority -> OFF) some of them?

In that case, moving did not include your SETTINGS -> Folders "partial piece" folder which includes partial pieces, dnd_crust, etc
For each file you can have up to TWO partial pieces (for the beginning of the file, and the end of the file).. meaning your piece is the combination of at least 1 file. This is especially true of "tag" files ... maybe they are "myfile.txt" "my_new_file.txt" etc

This is not a bug, but expected behaviour of the .TORRENT specification. Bittorrent doesn't care about the content. It doesn't care about your files. It cares about chunks of data (each piece x piece size.. you see in the main DETAILS tab below each

Now, indeed, this fella is correct, all these "edge file missing" torrents were multi file torrents where I had unchecked one of the files.

My problem, tho, is how do I fix this?

He talks about "SETTINGS -> Folders," what is this, I can't find this.
by Guest on 2017/02/09 09:33:51 AM    
you should have done a whole new torrent based on what you downloaded to avoid that to happen, at least to save a full copy before pairing with the public torrent you were using
by Pete on 2017/02/09 01:48:53 PM    
Try copying whole tixati settings folder %appdata%\tixati (if you saved it). By default it contains "incomplete-pieces" folder where the missing edge pieces are stored.
by Dimitri001 on 2017/02/09 06:47:22 PM    
Unfortunately the settings folder is gone. Is there anything else I can do?
by Guest on 2019/05/13 08:58:06 AM    
select file.poroperties.options.force check.

return file start download.
by Guest on 2019/05/25 12:06:09 AM    
I just had the same issue but after careful observation, I realized it was because I chose to not download(uncheckmark) the .txt files that come along with the rest of the files when I initially chose to download it. If you right click the problematic seed, go to files, see if you chose not to download any of the original package. Furthermore, go to the event log tab and look for the output.

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