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'Invalid file system in meta-file' error

by Guest on 2017/02/03 02:48:54 PM    
…when trying to create a torrent with 240k files. I wish I could put this in subject, but it's apparently too long.
Google finds only one other reference to this error in the exact same situation (many files) with no solution. I am on Win 7 x64, Tixati 2.51.
by Guest on 2017/02/16 09:08:31 PM    
I'm getting the same error when I try to create a torrent with 542K files at 1.2 TB (its a big directory of weather data).  Haven't found a client that can make a torrent for it yet.  Might have to break it up....
by Bugmagnet on 2017/02/17 04:31:32 AM    
Maybe put the files into a zip or rar or gz? than make a torrent of that?
by Guest on 2020/09/28 11:29:52 AM    
im running into this issue when trying to download a torrent with a large amounts of parts, can this be looked into?
by Guest on 2020/09/29 10:00:10 AM    
what OS and what version of tixati?'
what is "large amounts of parts"? do you mean many pieces or large pieces?
post a link to the torrent or magnetlink so the devs can look at the torrent.

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