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Backup Configuration Files - location (Feature request)

by Galathorne on 2016/12/10 09:14:56 AM    
Thanks for adding this very welcome feature!

I tried it immediately and struggled to find where the backed up settings were saved. After a drive-wide file search I found it on my desktop.

This is not obvious from the get-go. Also, I prefer to have all my backup in dedicated folder.


Under Settings > Import/Export, could an option be added to select a Default Backup Location via scheduler?
by Guest on 2016/12/11 04:05:05 AM    
As a clarification, definitely copy in the settings would help. Or +1 for the "user specified folder"
That is if we can't get a full "editable command line to run extra archive/rsync options"
Thanks alot KH and dev team
by Guest on 2016/12/12 09:28:01 AM    
Yes. This is much needed. Also maybe maximum number of backups to keep, delete the oldest when new one exceeds the limit?
by Galathorne on 2017/01/08 05:52:56 AM    
+1 for the comments
by moonsurfer on 2020/02/25 02:24:16 PM    
This feature would bu great. Waiting for the devs.
by bobpaw on 2020/03/24 10:19:54 PM    
I would also like to see this feature in new versions. I don't typically store things on my desktop, and would especially like to direct config updates to my external hard drive.
by loninappleton on 2020/03/27 12:42:56 AM    
My propeller is not spinning very fast on this.  I looked at Scheduler.
Can an option-- a visible option --  be put at the top of Scheduler which asks
to make tixati configuration files exported to C:?  That's where I put them.  Then use   the selection buttons at the bottom of that screen  day week month etc?

In reading through this old thread it only seems to refer to backing up files and folders.  My request is on the backup (date) recorded.tixaticonfig Export routine.

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