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Suggestion For The Developers!

by Guest on 2016/10/27 01:46:15 AM    
I want to suggest to tixati developer to add a option that will allow tixati to automaticaly check the file after download. Why ??? Sometimes tixati shows that file is completely downloaded but its not. It happens rarely to me. Maybe this happens because of seed/lecher sending wrong data or PC's HDD data got modified somehow or faulty hardware etc, there could be plenty of reasons. The simple fix is just rechecking the file and after that, Tixati shows some Megabytes are missing and downloads them to fix the file.  I've tried posting the issue in reddit and people says they also has the same issue and I was suggested to use qBittorrent that has Recheck Torrent After On Completion option that ensures I will be getting 100%.

So please think about it. I think tixati is great and its not fault of tixati.  Adding this option will also help others
by Guest on 2016/10/27 03:45:56 AM    
File is hashed for each piece (check the Main DETAILS tab under each transfer) so
The file is completed. when it says 100%. It is possible each file you download is affected by another program which scans it. This would affect the data and hash if it appends data (comments, info, metadata). This may happen depending on the programs you run or use for the file.
Players may add info to see .. I think Foobar does this (does anyone use that anymore, lol)

Also there may be an issue after download if your files are then moved-on-complete to a remote share instead of the local drive. If you search for the 99% issue it has been reported since the forum opened. Please provide more information for diagnosing your problem.
by Guest on 2016/10/27 10:25:38 AM    
Immediately after this read I did a recheck of 30 recent completed torrents and results that none of them are actually missing bits, are you sure about tits?
by Guest on 2016/10/27 08:25:36 PM    
I take my word back, there might be missing pieces after rechecking, indeed there was a specific torrent where 3 pieces were missing after recheck. I see it's a very common issue in the torrent scene, so it would be perfectly nice to have an option to recheck after completion as the OP suggests, I would let the option on to avoid getting a whole download as corrupted data. I think there's nothing to lose adding that option.
by Guest on 2016/10/28 04:08:50 PM    
Nothing to lose for most users who do everything on one partition/drive which would cause more thrashing in disk i/o which would exacerbate the problem of bus speed i/o when trying to multitask in Tixati without excess RAM/disk space/extra drives.

Checking is done per piece. Depending on piece size this may mean that for your super fast drive with a 16 MiB buffer and 300 Mbps throughput you have to wait for several thousand 16 KiB pieces to hash in addition to handling additional downloading data, and maybe trying to seed data as well.

It would be better to use process monitor or at minimum the "resource monitor" which is accessible within Task Manager (taskmgr.exe or Ctrl-Alt-Del) to look at open files or handles to search for the file(s) you're downloading and then seeing incomplete. The Bittorrent protocol doesn't care about your file. It cares about pieces of data. When the data is changed, it no longer hashes.
by Guest on 2016/10/29 08:44:04 PM    
Indeed, I now find it extremely useful as no bad peer ignore is to be needed after this implementation, think about it!
by Guest on 2016/10/29 09:22:20 PM    
Ignore for a PEER is completely separate. Presumably you don't want any peers who will send you bad data in the queue at all whether its for download or upload. Honestly most times I find this behaviour to be annoying because it happens on a single seed swarm.
by Guest on 2019/09/10 08:33:09 AM    
I need this feature
by JWvL_software on 2019/10/27 03:40:18 AM    
I have the same thing and don't care about single drive users.

Devs: Please add into settings that when checked "Recheck after file moves"

Thank you,

Jan-Willem vanLohuizen
by Guest on 2020/07/10 05:54:32 AM    
quote from the news page
new option to do a redundant hash-check of completed transfers or files in Settings > Transfers > Files

it seems the developers are listening to us. Version 2.74 has added this option.

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