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how to automatically stop seeding after a download is finished?

by Guest on 2013/11/02 11:15:21 PM    
I usually seed for while after I'm done downloading, but I can do it right now.
Is there a way to stop seeding after a download is finished?
Thank you in advance
by Guest on 2013/11/13 09:04:08 AM    
I'm new to Tixati but what I can see is as follows:

If you want to do this for just one file then

Right click on the file that you are downloading then click on Properties/Options/Seeding

then under the heading  take the tick out of "Use Default Setting" and leave the tick in "stop on upload ratio at or above" and change it to 0.01 and considering it likely that you will have already uploaded a ratio of 0.01 while downloading the file it should then stop seeding after the file has completed.

If you want to do this for all files then at the top of Tixati click on Settings/Transfers/General and under the heading  leave the  tick in "stop seeding on upload ratio above" and change it to 0.01 and don't forget to change it back again when you are able to seed again as if everyone did this you would probably have never have got the file in the first place.
by Pete on 2013/11/23 01:06:29 PM    
You can also set Remote Seed Limit to 1, this will almost always stop torrent just after it's complete. You have to do it manually though.
by Guest on 2015/01/31 07:25:17 AM    
I just looked through properties and cannot find this.

Please give a detailed path to Remote Seed = 1.
by Guest on 2015/01/31 07:34:13 AM    
Found it.

Tixati> Transfers > right click torrent > properties > options > seeding > Remote seeding is middle option checked and reset to 1.

Will see if it works.
by Guest on 2015/02/07 03:11:04 PM    
I usually seed for while after I'm done downloading, but I can do it right now.
Is there a way to stop seeding after a download is finished?

That's the reason why most of us can't get the transfers right, because people like you whom just like to "Hit and Run", leaving every buddy else whit no seeds!!

The bottom line of P2Ps is "Sharing" for at least 1x1 ratio.

Think twice and be nice!  ;)
by Guest on 2015/04/04 01:23:30 AM    
Tixati, like uTorrent, throttles back the downloads if a user does not seed enough. I'm not sure what the minimum overall average seeding ratio is, but I'm quite sure it's an overall average, so if you download many obscure & relatively unpopular items, you should keep your popular items are available long enough so they will seed well above the minimum overall average seeding ratio.

And of course, your obscure & unpopular items might never reach the seeding objective, but precisely because they are obscure, you should keep them available for a good long while -- to be a good P2P citizen, and to help ensure that such obscure items continue to be available. In fact, if you might need to redownload an obscure item later, the longer you seed the item, the more likely it is that you'll find it available in the future.

Anyway, before I really learned how P2P clients worked, I was promptly moving & renaming my downloads, and I later changed the settings to reduce seeding to a bare minimum too, and ultimately I saw my download speed drop to miniscule levels. Then it took me a while "to rebuild my credit." So I don't recommend restricting seeding very much at all. It may prove to be counter-productive, and you'll regret it.
by Bugmagnet on 2015/04/16 09:40:59 AM    
Guest on Sat, 04 Apr 2015 05:23:30 GMT

right on

I understand the nature of the IP enforcement matrix but if we don't try to change the culture to one of caring and sharing rather than the existing one of grabbing and stabbing, look out for oneself rather than the health of the whole, we are doomed.
by Guest on 2015/06/02 08:52:48 PM    
yeah umm.. i never seed for fear of getting caught. and i havent seen a credit system either. you guys are full of shiznit.
by Guest on 2015/06/03 06:21:55 PM    
yeah umm.. i never seed for fear of getting caught. and i havent seen a credit system either. you guys are full of shiznit.
Filesharing isn't for you. It was built by people willing to take the risk, for people willing to take the risk.

If such a system doesn't exist, it certainly should. Maybe we should suggest this as a feature; at the very least it would force freeloaders like the above to use the adware that passes as alternatives to Tixati.

As a curiosity, could this be the purpose of the choking feature?

by Guest on 2015/11/24 07:28:58 AM    
So its not possible then to schedule a Remove Torrent ????

I have my scheduler set to Start All in the evening, and Stop All in the morning - because its a work ADSL line.

As for being a "good p2p citizen" i've left most of my Tixati on default settings. But it does annoy the hell out of me that so many 'sources' name their files and folder like complete dickeads. And whats with using periods instead of spaces? what kind of fucked up shitty 1970s Operating System are these people using where a SPACE causes problems.

Yeah, these files get renamed IMMEDIATELY.

And if that upsets anyone, let me remind you MKV is SUPERIOUR to MP4 (and others) in EVERY WAY.
by Guest on 2016/10/10 08:30:02 PM    
To all of you fortunate enough to have an ISP who is not on top of its shit, please remember there are ISPs out there like mine who have a very robust CDMA compliance process Even when I am setting seeding to .01 I get a CDMA warning and then after 3 my access is shut down - usually before the file is finished- until I watch a public service video explaining why "pirating is bad, mmmkay?"

Sorry , not sorry. I am not seeding 1:1 because I literally CANT.
by Guest on 2016/10/11 07:06:15 PM    
Sharing is the price we pay.
by Guest on 2016/10/15 07:07:12 PM    
If you seriously don't know how to use a VPN by now, and also don't understand that simply seeding after downloading isn't the only way for them to know who you are, you really need to stop torrenting immediately anyway.
You seed while you are downloading. That's how it works. If you are just doing drive-by leeching, you are scum & you don't belong. Go find another place to leech from. Stop damaging this community because you're greedy, lazy, ignorant or careless.  There are many ways to protect oneself, and simply complaining about your ISP & "danger" is not excuse enough to not seed what you download.
by Guest on 2016/10/15 07:08:59 PM    
Also, MKV may indeed be better than MP4, but you are completely ignoring the fact most people don't have tons of space, or bandwidth, or speed, so MP4 are preferred a lot of the time, due to their small size.
by Guest on 2016/10/16 04:00:55 PM    
Anyone who knows how to "search" has seen several forum posts here which answers the question.
Regarding the offtopic assertion
Similar to how ISPs pass-on these spurious charges relating to .torrent files... the player you use (libavcodec) doesn't care about the container (.mkv .mp4 extension). This is why partial files can be previewed/streamed because the bittorrent protocol ensures bit-perfect copying of the stream... as long as the source is of high quality (GIGO).
I believe people who have specific "needs" need to research. I haven't met anyone who enjoys giving help to those who feel entitled to information because they came to a website without any regard for common search people expect thanks to Google's datamining of your life.
by Guest on 2016/11/14 12:33:35 PM    
Yea I seen downloaders get all fussy on the torrent forums about people that share at very low rates like I do. I love shareing at very low rates. Its fun. It drives leachers nuts. I do that on torrents that are poorly seeded and the leachers are not sharing to catch each other up. I cant catch up the whole world by myself. So I seed super slow until all leachers are caught up with each other. Then I crank it up to finish them all up. Otherwise in 95% of the cases, the most complete leachers finish then leave to help nobody else. Thats how you force leachers like this original poster to share if they want their file complete. But I do take note that a few countries like china can sensor uploading making it tough for those leachers to contribute. I cut them a break from time to time. :)
by Guest on 2016/11/24 01:26:20 PM    
I set mine to 1.3 share ratio, with the >3 then dont seed.

Then i leave it run.  if the seed drops, my seed activates, and runs awhile.
yes, it takes awhile.   As some of those files have seeds of 100+  
but I feel im a good backup that way, without hurting my bandwidth all that much.
by Guest on 2017/11/14 06:20:08 PM    
It's called a VPN - get one
by Guest on 2020/11/15 10:37:21 PM    
Only issue with vpn in some cases like mine is limited bandwith of 100gb per month i still seed when i have the laptop at work though as unlimited bandwith

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