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N count or some time period of unsuccessful announce retries

by lBaltazar on 2013/08/03 11:19:46 AM    

first, sorry for my English.

I need follow thing and I do not know exactly is it exist already or I need request it as feature in next build.
Situations with examples for understanding what I want. 2 cases. In both we have already downloaded torrent.

1. Case
Private/closed tracker.
It has some servers - A, B, C, D etcetera.
Torrent from server A can not be announced on server B or other letter, only on A.

Sometimes server A under heavy load go down for really long time.

Tixati client instead of indicating by putting torrent in Oflline status after some unsuccessful announce retries doesn't do nothing.
Doesn't matter one hour or three weeks - Tixati like a robot just trying and trying ride on dead horse.

2. Case
Private/closed tracker.
It has healthy immortal server.
We downloaded on going season of "something", with [1-10] series from 12.
If uploader of on going "something" "upgrade" it with 11th serie as result we have "old/dead" torrent with partially downloaded content. So we need download the "upgraded/new" .torrent file.
But... Tixati client again doesn't counting/indicate unsuccessful announce retries.

May I have in case of private/closed trackers possibility to set up number or time period of unsuccessful announce retries after reach which torrent will go in "Offline" status?
by EvilLivesHere on 2013/08/06 04:31:08 PM    
Sounds like you want an option for private torrents so that Tixati only tries connecting to the trackers X number of times, then stopping the torrent.  I imagine if it gets a successful response (can get an actual response) from any tracker on the torrent, the count resets.  You can just check your torrents every so often and if you notice a failed connection to the tracker more than you want, you can remove the tracker or stop the torrent manually, but if you have a large number of private torrents for different trackers, I could see this getting annoying.  Sounds like a reasonable request to me, I agree :)

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