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Cycle between downloads automaticly

by Wolfbane on 2016/10/07 01:21:30 PM    
Reason why or when I run into this "problem"
So have a few (10) downloads ready to download, but they are rare downloads that more and less never finds any seeders/uploaders.
But there is a slight chanse someone will start to seed them again, so I want to keep them there.

But when I start download other/new files that have seeders, they automaticly goes into "queue" since the max downloads is 10/10 already.
Sure I could increase the max amount of simultaneous downloads to 11 or 15, but that is only a bad way to go around the problem/request.

So what I tried to find in Options, but could not find is the following.

Would like implemented / could not find is the following...

Requested feature / option I cant find.
Tixiati changes automaticly "active/downloading" from differnt torrents from time to time, depending if some criterias are happening.
So if any torrent is "skiped" then its placed at the end of the "queue" list, that Tixiati already seem to have implemented.

*1* On/Off - If a torrent have not found any seeders in X min, Y hours, Z days amount of hours. X,Y,Z can be set to whatever user prefers.
*2* On/Off - If a torrent is downloading slow. And how slow is "slow" can also be set by users.
by Guest on 2016/10/07 03:42:24 PM    
go to settings and find where you set your downloading/seeding slots and turn on the manage downloads. that way if your download bandwidth is not being fully used it will allow more downloads from the queue.
by Wolfbane on 2016/10/07 07:04:26 PM    
Your explination is really bad.

Cleary as I posted in the first thread, I have looked in options and not found any settings that I ask ask for.

So your comment is totally useless, and not helpfull in any way.
by Guest on 2016/10/08 10:55:35 PM    
You should edit the topic if you want a new feature to label it such.
As the other poster pointed out... You have the option of Tixati managing the queue (in the background)...
As long as the transfer is not STOPPED it is being managed and looked at in the background.
You have two main sets of option (auto manage queue) which has ACTIVE and QUEUED as a possible status for both downloading and seeding, and
(recycle slots in queue) this option is useful when you only have a set number of transfers and you want to utilize all your slots notwithstanding your set "X" slots download "Y" slots seeding... This is usually turned off when people want to keep minimum X downloading and Y seeding.
N.B. If these are both DISabled you are in full control of the transfers, perhaps that's what your current settings are?

If you read the  you will see that the queue management does all but TTL for your requested change. There are permanent slots, used slots, and temporary slots (as other poster pointed out to be used when your bandwidth isn't being fully utilized).
by Pete on 2016/10/09 03:31:41 PM    
OK, I understand these options aren't there, so you have requested them, however there is the "Download Automatic Skip Queue" feature you can use to solve your issue for now. It is described at the and of this help page  .

Enable the "Auto manage slots" for Downloads in settings, then move those slow or stalled transfers to the beginning of active downloads queue. Every time you start Tixati, it will run those slow transfers. Because your download limit won't be fully utilized, Tixati will start another transfer after some time. It will keep doing that until your download bandwidth would meet criteria described on the help page or maximum extra slots number is reached. This way slow transfers will always be active, waiting for seed to show, yet they won't block your download queue. You can also manually grant those slow transfers higher priority, so when a seed would be available, other running transfers won't saturate your download bandwidth.
by Guest on 2016/10/10 02:24:36 PM    
The best behaviour in my opinion would be to change "Constant Seeding" abit. Make it "Constant Seeding/Downloading" and make it not consume downloads slots too. Or maybe it does that already, im not sure.
by Guest on 2016/10/10 09:52:59 PM    
OK after reading that I can see the queue has permanent slots, temporary slots (and if enabled recycle slots, increasing your pipes on D/S when the other is not maxed)
Read the expert-level page Pete linked. There's a reason it's a text-based configuration for ADVANCED users.

Default values suit most user cases. There are certain changes devs can make for TRANSFERS but they are generally independent of issues like this which is implemented and configurable..
An example that comes to mind is a "high speed throughput" version for those with minimum 50-100 Mbit pipes. In this instance Tixati requires magnitude more resources than other clients for similar workload... whether you're talking a single linux 700 MiB iso, or multiples in a collection. If you have small footprint you should be able to cache it to RAM. In my experience Tixati does this poorly, and the options for peer-read cache don't seem to be documented/make any difference
When you don't have a small footprint, disk seeking should be intelligent...and not interfere with the main GUI.

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