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How to change tracker url/passkey for many torrents ?

by Guest on 2016/09/25 02:54:09 PM    
Hello. I want to easily change tracker url/passkey for hundreds of torrents, since I reset my passkey for the prive tracker I use.
In qbittorrent I just did a find and replace on the .fastresume files and mass replaced the passkey of the .torrent files with transmission-edit.
Seems like tixati doesn't keep invidiaul .torrent files, for some reason (faster access?).
How can I achieve my goal ? Using latest tixati stable.
by Guest on 2016/09/26 01:23:03 AM    
Your torrent info is stored in the core.dat file in %TIXATI% directory. This is not human readable. If you're worried make a backup under INPUT/OUTPUT, or copy the .dat file

If you need to change many, I would export/save your torrents magnet: link
THEN apply the features under Settings -> Trackers (dialog box) that allows you to do that specific in -> out logic when you already know the cookie/passkey data.
Once it will work for 1 of them... you can group add them under insert magnet: :D
by FAKEFUL on 2016/09/26 02:35:55 AM    
1. Filter all your torrents by tracker url
2. Select all filtered torrents (Ctrl+A)
3. Share -> Save .torrent file
4. Edit them with transmission-edit
5. Drop them to your watched folder
Proper tracker will be added.

However deleting old version of tracker is less trivial task, and as far as I know cannot be done in batch, so you probably should delete them manually through filter.
You also can re-add them to get rid of old tracker, but tixati will recheck files.
by Guest on 2016/09/26 11:35:09 PM    
Thank you for the reply FAKEFUL.
All is clear until the last steps, when I must manually remove the old tracker from all the torrents?
How is that different from just pasting the new tracker over the old one manually for all the torrents?
I think mass tracker editing would be a nice feature to have.
by Guest on 2016/09/27 12:43:06 AM    
here might help some:

and if you cant remove old trackers, just put them in 'Skip Announce"
by Guest on 2016/09/27 02:30:18 AM    
thank you for that, those are some interesting features.
Unfortunately they get processed when the new torrent is added and before it is merged with an existing torrent.. doest not affect what is already loaded.
And skip announce.. that's a good temporary workaround but there must be an elegant solution to remove them somehow, and not leave old tracker addresses in there for the thousands of torrents that I have.
by FAKEFUL on 2016/09/27 03:53:02 AM    
Thanks for suggestion, Guest.
Didn't know about Skip announce option, should work like a charm.
by Guest on 2016/09/27 08:27:38 AM    
You need to use the settings pane linked MULTIPLE times.
You have it change the existing tracker URL.
THEN YOU tell it the list of torrent TRANSFERS to apply it to. (hence magnet: fast import)
For this to happen I believe you also need to have the dialog box enabled for "duplicate transfers" to process the tracker settings.
by FAKEFUL on 2016/09/27 03:28:17 PM    

Add this to Advanced options tab. If you already added new tracker to all transfers then http://old.url to Skip Announce tab.
by Guest on 2016/09/27 11:50:43 PM    
FAKEFUL, thanks, I already resolved the problem with the skip announce feature.
But it is still not fully resolved, as thousands of torrents still have an old tracker on which the skip announce filter is processed.
So if anyone has any ideas how to completely mass remove a tracker url from existing torrents..
by Pete on 2016/09/28 03:05:11 AM    
This workaround can help:
That was a few versions ago. Tracker settings are different now, but I'm sure you can do it similarly.
by Guest on 2016/09/29 12:44:47 AM    
Thank you Pete. I guess the feature I asked about for "files filter" is already implemented :D
The procedure you've mentioned 2015, and now is very straight forward :)
by Guest on 2017/04/22 12:07:02 AM    
How to change tracker url/passkey for many torrents ?
by hikikomori on 2020/01/27 12:47:11 AM    
+1 to question: "How to change tracker url/passkey for many torrents ?"
We need functionality like under Utorrent tools BEEncodeEditor.

Actually in 2020years!

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