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Ballooning to Take Up All System Memory

by Parallax Abstraction on 2016/09/19 12:49:01 AM    
Hey everyone! I've been a happy Tixati user for a while now but am having a major problem I'm hoping someone can help me out with. I'm presently trying to download a very large torrent (approximately 350GB, comprised from 1,087 files.) I've not had a problem doing this kind of thing with Tixati before but I've run into a major problem that I can't explain. When I start this torrent and let it run for about an hour, my system suddenly ends up with all the physical memory 100% used. It will instantly start slamming my swap file and the system will eventually grind to a halt. If I don't shut down Tixati at this point, it will eventually blue screen and crash.

Here's the crazy part though. Tixati is never shown to be the process eating up all the memory. Windows Task Manager will say my RAM is 100% used but Tixati's memory footprint appears normal. If I close Tixati, the RAM is also not freed up. The only way to get my system back to a usable state is to reboot it. However, I know this is being caused by Tixati because the problem only manifests when I open it, start the download and let it run for a while. I work in IT for a living but am at a loss to explain this. I've never seen a memory leak manifest in a quasi-invisible fashion like this before.

Here's my system specs:

Core i7-6700K (overclocked to 4.6Ghz)
16GB DDR4 Corsair Dominator
MSI Z170A Gaming M7 Mainboard
GTX 1080
Gigabit Ethernet (on-board Killer E2400)
Saving torrent to 4TB Western Digital Black HDD (used it many times)
Tixati 2.43
Windows 10 Pro x64 (with Anniversary Update installed)

I can do anything else with this system, be it gaming, rendering and transcoding large video projects, anything else perfectly fine. I have not yet tried another large torrent and will attempt to do so tomorrow but I'm not sure what about this particular one would cause this.

If anyone can help me out here, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks very much and keep up the good work!
by Guest on 2016/09/19 02:11:48 PM    
Do you have any sort of unusual utilities like a 3rd party firewall, auto-backup, sync, or anti-virus software going?

Some of that stuff isn't very efficient and can slurp up ram in the background if inspecting every connection and packet and file.

If you have admin priv on that machine maybe you can do some stuff on the command line (power shell?) to figure out what exact process or service is eating all the ram.
by Parallax Abstraction on 2016/09/19 03:18:00 PM    
Nope, nothing like that installed. As I said, I was able to narrow it down to Tixati just through process of elimination. If it's not running this torrent, my system is perfectly stable. When I start Tixati with this torrent, I can see the RAM creep up to 100%, but not through the Tixati process. It's the weirdest thing but Tixati does seem to be the catalyst for it.
by Guest on 2016/09/19 05:28:39 PM    
if you run tixati with this torrent stopped is everything fine?

maybe send the torrent to devs. support at tixati dot com
by FAKEFUL on 2016/09/20 10:32:09 AM    
Can confirm hidden ram usage(~300-800mb) when downloading or seeding massive(60gb+) transfers, but mine situation wasn't that bad. I didn't run in crashes, halts or bsods. Since I deleted this transfer the problem is gone. Win10(1607) x64, Tixati v2.43
by Guest on 2016/09/21 07:11:21 AM    
I understand RAM usage believe me, so can I ask OP metrics and comparisons used?
I routinely use the sysinternals procmon for verification. But even Task Manager should have Resource Monitor.
What I would check is the open handles/files to verify chain of events. I'm not telling you it isn't happening or can't happen. However it may be something for your settings.
Have you changed/can you check the settings for File Allocation... and are you selective downloading the file? Just loading 100GB transfers doesn't cause aproblem in tixati. How much data do you download before this happens?
I routinely use mine as a searchable index with collections as large as yours but do not download them. So I am guessing this is based on total AMOUNT of data...

Ex: My setup in Resource Monitor from Taskmgr shows over a gig of RAM usage with modest 25% CPU use
Down in Memory section
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by Guest on 2016/09/24 03:53:32 PM    
this troublesome torrent, when you are downloading it, does it have lots of peers? about how fast is it going?
by Parallax Abstraction on 2016/09/27 01:35:10 PM    
Hey everyone. Sorry for not posting back but I got super busy. So I believe I've found the problem and true enough, it wasn't Tixati's fault. I run a mainboard that uses a Killer Networking Ethernet chipset. It turns out there was a bug in the drivers that was causing severe memory bloat when lots of data was being pushed through the NIC after installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. My system crashed again last night while downloading a large game from uPlay, when Tixati wasn't even running. Killer Networking has already released new drivers to resolve this.

Thanks for the suggestions all! I was happy to learn Tixati wasn't the cause. :)
by Guest on 2016/09/27 11:41:57 PM    
:D Don't forget to verify with the new stable :D

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