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Feature request: Start Mnimized

by furiousm on 2016/06/25 10:51:17 PM    
I use VPNCheck to open/close Tixati depending on the VPN connection status. The problem is that everytime the VPN reconnects and VPNCheck relaunches Tixati, the full interface comes up. It would be great if there was a way to open the program minimized or in the system tray.
I know this can be done when you set it to start with windows, but can it also be done for just normal launches once windows is up and running?

by KH on 2016/06/26 10:03:43 AM    
Hi, there is already a way to do this using command line options.  You can either enter them directly into your launching program, or you can create a .bat file or shortcut that has the launch command and then just run that.


To start hidden in the system tray:

tixati -starthiddenintray

To start minimized to the taskbar:

tixati -startminimized

To impose a starting delay of ## seconds:

tixati -d##

So you could make a .bat file in notepad with a single line that looks something like:
C:\Program Files\tixati\tixati.exe -starthiddenintray
and then just point your VPN launcher at the .bat file.
by InstantAli3n on 2016/06/29 02:03:26 AM    
I really appreciate that these options exist in Tixati, but without a GUI option the only reasonable way to find this out is by seeing your post KH.

I hope you manage to squeeze a few more check boxes with these options in the settings somewhere! (Especially since a backup config doesn't hold these settings!)

Off Topic PS: Thanks for supporting Windows High Contrast themes, it means the world to me!! :)
by Guest on 2016/07/06 03:35:54 AM    
by Guest on 2020/02/18 05:14:44 PM    
This thread is still the easiest way to find this option, please add it to the GUI.

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