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Last seen completed

by Guest on 2016/06/25 11:43:47 AM    
Please add a "Last seen completed" column.
If a torrent doesn't have an online seeder, I would like to know the last time i've seen each part, and see the earliest of all parts.

Example (pieces 1,2,3):
* Day 1- someone with all pieces is online
* Day 2- someone with 1,2 is online
* Day 3- someone with 1,3 is online

We should see Day 2, because while is wasn't complete then, piece 2 was online and all other pieces were online later
by Guest on 2018/08/22 08:23:28 PM    
I'd like to see this too, very usefull for cleaning out obsolete torrents.
by Bugmagnet on 2018/08/29 07:29:57 PM    
Are you aware that some torrents might have 250,000 pieces? Few computers would have enough memory to save the kind of history this would take.

recording Last seen complete might be feasable.
by Guest on 2018/10/26 10:15:49 PM    
Lasttime seen complete is what make sense.This would be very helpful.
by Guest on 2018/10/30 11:19:03 AM    

by Guest on 2023/12/28 08:43:08 AM    

Would just be useful to know which torrents I should give up on.
by Guest on 2023/12/31 09:17:21 PM    
by Guest on 2024/01/12 01:56:21 AM    
When parts (pieces) are being downloaded at random, who cares when each part or "the earliest of all" part numbers was seen? Just an indication of when a seed was last online is enough to signal whether one should hope for any seed(s) to return, or it's a long-dead torrent not worth wasting time and resources on.

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