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Multiple file drag and drop tracker BUG
by awol on 2016/06/20 04:53:34 PM

Many times, when i can drag and drop torrent files from the Total Commander to the Tixati, the Tixati is use a bad tracker, which is not the real tracker from the torrent, it is an other tracker from an other torrent.
For example: TorrentA.torrent and TorrentB.torrent DandD and the TorrentB tracker is same is the TorrentA, but the TorrentB normally is not use a same tracker, it is include an other tracker.
After that, the Tracker tab is showing an 'unregistered torrent', what is true, but it was the Tixati bug about the torrent handling, not the missing torrent error.

I hope i was clean.


PS: If i can click individually the files, it is good, no error about the trackers. Just the multiple drag and drop to the transfer list.

by Guest on 2016/07/05 03:26:27 PM
Anybody have this bug?
by Guest on 2017/08/12 04:42:25 PM
The bug is not gone. If use the total commander, and click by click the torrent files, and the Tixati is getting the torrents, the second torrent have an Apply All checkbox. If i can use this checkbox, the Tixati use same Torrent tracker for all torrents, which one is use the Apply all checkbox.
Please somebody check this.