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Column to show saved location

by Guest on 2016/06/15 11:55:04 PM    
A column in the main view to show current/saved location will be helpful for large list of torrents.

by Guest on 2016/06/16 10:52:20 AM    
Hello Guest

move the mouse over the torrent name column
a tooltip show the name of the torrent
and the path of the saved location

i guess you already known that ?
by Guest on 2016/06/17 01:36:02 PM    
I have a Location Column but its empty.

I would also prefer a Location Column over tooltips.
by Bugmagnet on 2016/06/18 06:00:59 AM    
The only Location I see referenced is peer location, iow, country. not file/folder location
by rkr on 2016/06/21 06:20:08 PM    
(sorry, it was me, i did log in before posting, but somehow my post was posted as Guest)

yes, i know about the tooltip.
but being able to see the path/locations of all the torrents in the list, especially when it's a long one, is very helpful for advnaced management purposes.
for example, moving a certain number of large torrents from one drive to another drive to clear up drive space that would otherwise fill up soon and might cause downloading to stop.
it's better to do be able to do it from within tixati so that one can still use the tixati list/database later for browsing/opening/viewing them without facing broken link issue (at it would happen, if they were moved outside tiaxi)

I mean, this is a very basic expected feature. Tooltip is handy for one particular item but not efficient when trying to find out which items are in a particular drive.

by HandyMan on 2016/06/21 09:04:07 PM    
Well in the meantime, just create categories for each drive location
by curtwagner1984 on 2021/07/27 05:52:50 PM    
It's 2021 and it still seems it's impossible to have a location column. Even though it exists, it is empty.
by Guest on 2021/08/04 08:06:43 PM    

I would love to have a column that I could sort by that shows me the location of the files.  I have a download drive and a seed drive .. and several folders on both.

Sorting and selecting by file location would be a huge addition.
by janet on 2021/12/12 01:50:24 PM    
Check out Tixati v2.87.
From the news page:
in the Transfers view Layout > Select Columns dialog, added new tab for optional Files view columns
added optional Location column to Transfers view and Files view
added optional Move On Complete column to Transfers view and Files view
in Peers view, renamed Location column to Country
show full paths for tooltip for Location and Move On Complete columns

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