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Auto bandwidht limiter rules

by desmond on 2016/05/24 07:00:26 AM    
Does anyone have any set of rules ready in a file.rules to import?
Rules that seemed like more efficient than the default.

Thank you!
by Pete on 2016/05/26 06:45:39 PM    

I have tinkered with Bandwidth Auto Limiter some time ago. After a few days of testing I decided the Standard rules are almost always adequate. I think it is sufficient to customize only the Incoming:Outgoing Throttle Ratio in order to adjust to your Incoming/Outgoing Bandwidth Limits.

Currently I use a mix of three default rules sets (accessed from Reset To Defaults button). The idea was to make Auto Limiter more sensitive to high ping times, so it would lower bandwidth usage rapidly. It also waits a bit longer before it starts to raise bandwidth limit back. This works well enough for me.

(links removed by Mod)
by Bugmagnet on 2019/04/22 11:01:12 PM    
Pete, both those links are dead.
Can you repost with new links?

by Pete on 2019/04/25 06:29:00 PM    
I don't use auto limiter any more. Currently I've got 100Mb/s symmetric connection, pings are always low so auto limiter isn't working properly. I just use sane global bandwidth limits now.

I'll search for my old settings but I may not have them. From what I remember, I bringed together:
1. lowering rules from Alternate Rules 4 (Narrower Ping Tolerances)
2. lowering rules from Alternate Rules 5 (Adjust Based On Average Ping)
3. increasing rules from Alternate Rules 3 (Longer Adjustment Intervals)

The idea was to detect and react quickly when there's a need for lower limit, and wait a bit longer than default with going back up. I think 1. + 3. will be enough, 2. wasn't effective anyway, at least in my case.
by Mixer on 2019/11/15 11:19:57 PM    
My old machine works perfectly with Tixati auto set on bandwidth but a newer machine is really janky and wants to cut the bandwidth ridiculously low on the same network connection.

The one that works fine is on Win8, the newer one is Win10.

Are there some suggestions for troubleshooting?

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