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Feature Request: Search in Filenames in Torrent

by 10YOVirgin on 2016/03/22 02:08:56 PM    

Feature request. I would like to be able to search for a specific string in filenames in a torrent. qBitTorrent has this feature.

While I'm here, another feature request: increased security through TOR or some other method.

Thank You.

Love Tixati.

by Bugmagnet on 2016/03/23 10:12:46 AM    
I like the idea of being able to search filenames also.

But as to using TOR, last i considered that it was frowned on as the amount of BW replication would be inefficient and the network has limited resources. Also those operating exit relays would take the heat for any 'illicit' file sharing. Perhaps in the future, torrent users will accept the responsibility and allow their BW resources to be used for a similar method, but again, someone's IP will be exposed. A commercial proxy or VPN might be the option for now.

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