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Transfer In from uTorrent

by Guest on 2013/10/13 02:58:29 AM    
I have over 200 torrents seeding in uTorrent - all are my own torrents. I want to move to Tixati, but am uncertain how. Could anybody guide please?

by Guest on 2013/10/13 03:38:47 AM    
1- have a magnet link or torrent file of the torrents you want to transfer

2- start tixati and add the torrents/magnetlinks. be sure to point the torrents to the folder containing the files.

3- the files will probably check so let that happen and when done you are all set to continue seeding your files with tixati.
by Guest on 2013/10/14 03:32:09 AM    
Thanks. I have tried this, but it is trying to download the files to a subfolder of the folder where the files are held. What am I doing wtrong?
by Guest on 2013/10/15 03:26:42 AM    
you might be going in one too many folders. put the seeding files in a folder and then point tixati to that folder.




by Blueskyes on 2013/11/20 12:57:56 PM    
sounds like the question i was going to ask...........but i have a variant on it...i went to utorrent as a change from vuze.........tried to change it then but was unsuccessful .....i think that the torrents for another 2.5tb from when i was using vuze but the contents are on another external drive than my UT contents are if i point the file back at itself and it comes to content not in the ut file will it screw the transfer up?..........or can my complete file share two external drives.......Blueskyes
by Guest on 2015/03/09 10:49:44 AM    
Here's how: Click Add>Select a .torrent file you want (should go one at a time unless you got all your files from multiple torrents downloaded in the same folder)>click open. Then select Local files location but make sure it's one folder UP in a folder tree, meaning that you don't select the folder where files ARE but one level up (folder containing that folder). Click STOP. Then add it. It will be offline. Then you go right click on it>local files>and recheck. That's it.
by crashnburn on 2016/06/21 04:26:36 AM    
I have a similar issue. Did this work out?
by Guest on 2016/11/26 11:54:48 AM    
Would kill for a better way to do this & it appears I'm not the only one. Is there nothing else I can do? I have hundreds of seeds  I don't want to stop seeding, but I desperately want to get rid of that infernal utorrent completely on my HTPC (switched on my main PC forever ago & just love it).

I have things in too many separate places, renamed, etc and adding each manually would take me so freaking long I'd grow a beard by the time I was done, and I'm a chick (not a bearded lady either)! Plus it would be ridiculously tedious. Dying for a solution. I LOVE Tixati,  never want to use that other silly piece of crap "torrent client" (if u can even call it that, LOL) EVER again!

by Guest on 2016/11/26 10:40:25 PM    
You can either set everything up ahead of time and then import .torrents en-masse.
OR setup defaults so you only click 1-3x for each transfer.
You want to look at
This allows you to set default folders, settings, and ratios per-category. You want to also make note of "capture" that's like for RSS when you "match" a feed name "my+show" :D
by crashnburn on 2020/05/05 12:25:36 PM    
If we had some access or TRANSPARENCY  to the Meta Data/ underlying structure it might be easier to ensure that the Torrents & Linkages to FOLDER TREE STRUCTURE & CATEGORIES and FILES does not break.

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