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really slow downloads

by Guest on 2016/03/12 08:29:01 AM    
I have tried everything I know but nothing is working. Ever since I downloaded the new version it has slowed down drastically. HELP!!!!!!!!
by Guest on 2016/03/12 06:39:02 PM    
Did you enable a maximum up/download speed?
In the current version I have around 32kb up/download even though I set the maximum to 4000kb up/down. Completely disabling that option allows full speed again.

here's a picture, how the bandwidth looks like when I set a maximum download speed. Please note the valley in the middle:
by Guest on 2016/03/13 07:00:51 PM    
I've noticed this for several client updates now.  As soon as I turn on the download bandwidth limit, it drops to under 100KiB.  Upload limit works fine.
by Bugmagnet on 2016/03/14 05:34:37 PM    
I have around 32kb up/download even though I set the maximum to 4000kb up/down.

I am assuming you meant 32 kB/s and 4000 kB/s since Tixati uses bytes for that not bits.

What OS are you using?

On my win 7 I can't replicate this behavior. After adding some torrents to test, turning off the DL cap allowed 6000+ KiB/s. Setting it to 4000 KiB/s worked as expected, without killing it as shown on your graph.

One difference in settings I noticed is that you didn't have Trading reciprocity set though I can't imagine how that could be related.
I turned that off in mine for testing, and it had no effect on the DL BW. I could not produce the total drop you showed.

Please note also that when I let DL run unlimited, my UPload BW was impaired.
by Guest on 2016/03/15 07:58:38 PM    
Yes, I meant of course kilo bytes, not bits.

The only other thing I can think of which may play a rule is that I use airvpn as VPN provider. The software from AirVPN is mostly OpenVPN with some specific configuration software (at least I think so). This software creates a second IPv4 interface for the tunnel to the VPN server. See image here:

And if I remember correctly, the same bandwidth problem occurred some time previously; I think 4 or 5 versions ago. But then vanished again with a later version.

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