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Tixati for Android

by deadman626 on 2016/03/06 10:19:05 PM    
Can you make a Tixati for "Android"?


-when you make the Android version, leave every thing the way they are like the PC version.
by Guest on 2016/03/11 02:15:21 AM    
ive made similar threads before and yet no Android version :( id even pay for it
by shoko on 2016/06/03 04:54:38 PM    
tixati for android pls
and we won't criticize it for being good as pc version
by Guest on 2016/09/03 10:04:57 AM    
I want to use Tixati for Android too.
or not want to use remote(control) app for Android.
many THX :-)
by Guest on 2016/09/05 12:31:34 PM    
Reading the release notes...
It looks like they are putting the infrastructure in for ARM or alternate ports of the program.
The growing pains are evident with new features however. So, for more progress, update to
by moonlightrider on 2016/09/06 12:59:36 PM    
An android p2p client is sometimes very useful, especially when using it with open wifi networks, but it's not meant to be a 'standalone' reliable p2p client. It will burn your battery really fast and heat up your device leading to a short life if you use p2p downloading on a daily basis. So, in my opinion, Tixati for android is not worth the trouble of making it.
There's much better alternatives of running a 'portable' p2p client...
by Guest on 2016/09/29 01:34:21 PM    
i dont care too much about android either but i do care about arm support.
once there are binaries for arm you are free to use linux deploy on android and there you have tixati on android with the stock interface.
this will allow to run tixati on many more devices, pi and other SBC's (what i want) or as i said android.

tixati is great no doubt, but if migrating to a different client wasn't such a pain i would have done it already because i want to run tixati on a SBC

now its ok if it takes time to code, but i wish we had some idea about whats planned.
by Guest on 2024/04/23 08:30:52 PM    
7 years, now.. any hope?
by janet on 2024/04/24 01:38:30 AM    
There is an Android version in the works.

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