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Unable to create file

by Guest on 2016/02/18 11:46:10 AM    
Hi to all and thanks in advance.

Although path is selected in Local Files location search window and is accessible in explorer, the following error shows: "Unable to create file: The system cannot find the path specified.(3)"
by Guest on 2016/02/18 08:46:59 PM    
- Is it a "normal" path i.e. a local folder on a regular hard drive, or something more exotic such as external or removable devices, network links etc ?
- Could the folder or device in question be write-protected ?
- Does the path include non-standard characters i.e. beyond a-z and 1-0, and which exactly ?

Help us to help you. :)
by Guest on 2022/05/05 07:47:44 PM    
Hi there. I'm running into the same error.

I installed Tixati on a new machine, and then I copied the contents of AppData\Roaming\Tixati from the old machine to the new one.

All the pending downloads from my old computer show up, but they also return "error creating directory: The system cannot find the path specified (3)"

I assume it's talking about the path to either the folder for downloads or for incomplete pieces. I have those pointing to C:\Users\Me\Downloads\Tixati\Downloads and C:\Users\Me\Downloads\Tixati\Incomplete pieces.

Both folders are pointing at normal folders on my internal hard drive. As far as I can tell, I've turned off all the write protection on those folders and enabled full access for all users.

Any ideas what I need to tweak?
by ZarkBit on 2022/05/06 07:00:34 PM    
C:\Users\Me\Downloads\Tixati\Incomplete pieces

\incomplete pieces or \incomplete-pieces?

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