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Option to relocate local files instead of moving them

by HandyMan on 2016/02/18 12:06:36 AM    
Could we have an option to relocate a torrent local files instead of moving the torrent's files ?

As it is now, the only way to change a torrent location is to move the files. Tixati will then move the files, changing date on the files.

If I need to move a torrent to a read-only network drive, it will not be possible even if the files are already present on the new location, as Tixati want to have write access to the new location.

To get around this limitation, I remove the torrent, reload the .torrent, select the location and it will check the files to 100%.
That works fine even if Tixati does not have write access to the network location. But by removing the torrent, I loose statistics of the torrent.

Could we have a option to relocate the files without having to delete them and reload the .torrent?
by Guest on 2016/02/18 05:06:45 PM    
You DON'T have to remove and reload the .torrent . You can simply stop the desired torrent, right-click on it on your transfers list and use "Local Files -> Location" to point to the new location where the files are, then use "Local Files -> Force Check" to hash check those files. That way you won't lose the torrent statistics.
by HandyMan on 2016/02/19 01:39:04 AM    
This doesn't work on a Read-Only Network file system.

I get:
Folder Already Exists At Destination; Merge/Rename/Skip/Cancel
If I select skip or cancel, it remains in the original location.

If I select Merge I get:
Error moving: Unable to open file: Accès refusé. (5)
Location remain in the original location.
by Radish on 2016/02/22 01:04:20 PM    
I also think there should be an option to just select a path to a folder for the files without actually moving the files.
by Guest on 2016/10/18 03:52:30 AM    
My current issue stems from the fact, this behaviour does not, actually, happen.
If the transfers have identical names, Tixati will not proceed without MERGE. You cannot stop then try force recheck.

I make this small point because force recheck appears to happen 10x faster than the internal "move" MERGE.

My main pet peeve is that the moving operations appear to happen 1 piece at a time. When multitasking in Tixati (as most would do) I cannot try to merge on any torrent/transfer with alot of pieces because Tixati does alot of behind the scenes when all i want is to be able to:
1)choose location of files
2)force recheck data of what matches

If it thinks the files are the same (transfer identical names) you cannot leave that path without MERGE. Skip performs as described above. Cancel of course keeps the old path.

It may also be helpful to figure out if/why the renamed MERGE is different than "FORCE RECHECK" logic in the internals
by Guest on 2021/10/31 12:28:16 AM    
It's 2020, and this feature is still missing, and I still would like it.
Tixati still offers to move the file, or merge the file, and then it does, even if the file already exists in it's entirety.
It slowly but surely, with no option to stop it, "moves" the file to the new location, instead of just allowing a change of directory.

I just copied everything from my dying hard drive to a new one. I just need to redirect the torrents to the new locations. I set the new locations in the options, but it doesnt affect the already existing torrents.

I want to check if the files I transferred are complete, by changing the directory location and force rechecking. At least a few are damaged.
I just have to watch each one "merge" and then test it.
by Mercury on 2021/10/31 07:09:57 PM    
I'm certain I've done this successfully in the past.
I'll run an experiment later but this should definitely be possible, unless there's been a regression in Tixati's behavior.

So, there is something screwy with attempting to change the files' location directly through the torrent itself (in the Transfers window).
What you need to do is open the torrent properties (Right click > Properties), go to the Files tab, Select All (Ctrl+A), Right-click > Location.
Finally, (and this may not be actually needed) you can then select the torrent itself and change its location to match.
This seems to do the right thing, even with a read-only target.

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