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Tixati 2.34 don't merge trackers into existing transfers

by Guest on 2016/02/17 05:05:05 PM    
in last version don't merge trackers into existing transfers from another *.torrent. in 2.31 work fine, version 2.33 not tested.
anybody confirm?
by Guest on 2016/02/18 05:15:28 PM    
Confirmed, v2.34 is not adding new trackers to transfers via the "merge trackers" dialog.

Reverted to v2.31, working normally.

Tested on the Windows 32-bit client here.
by Pete on 2016/02/19 10:54:23 PM    
It doesn't work on Linux 64bit too.
by Makky on 2016/02/21 09:52:15 AM    
Confirmed 2.34 and 2.33 does not merge trackers ! ! !

How can I set 2.31 back ?

delete whole 2.34 version and fresh install 2.31 ??

or is there another way to keep downloads active and revered back to 2.31 ?

using old computer with windows xp pro 32 bit version. :p for tixati only ;-)

For the creators : always loved this program :-) since 2.xx version :-) , keep those updates and versions coming :-)

Please get that merging trackers flaw back like it did in 2.31 :-) , manually putting them on takes some time :-)
by Guest on 2016/02/21 03:50:56 PM    
+1 to this, is this registered with the devs? Win x64 version.
by Pete on 2016/02/21 10:01:56 PM    
Makky, just run Tixati 2.31 installer, it will overwrite latest version keeping your transfers and settings.
by Radish on 2016/02/22 12:58:42 PM    
Also confirm. Tixati 2.33 and 2.34 don't merge trackers any more. Hope a fix comes soon.
by alter4 on 2016/03/07 01:39:03 PM    
yes it looks so. +1 from me
by Guest on 2016/04/14 03:02:33 AM    
I get this problem as well. I just made a post about it before seeing this.
by janet on 2016/04/14 03:41:01 AM    
This will be fixed in the next release. And it has been fixed in the alpha that is testing right now. You can go to  to get the fix now and help alpha test, or wait for the next release.

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