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[Feature Request] Current session Download/Upload per torrent.

by selta on 2016/01/28 02:35:51 PM    
First of all, thank you for this great torrent client.

Can you please add these two columns in the “Transfers View”:
“Session Download”
“Session Upload”
I mean the amount of data the user has downloaded/uploaded in his current session per torrent.

Also in the “Status bar” can you show the total of the session download/upload (I mean the total downloaded/uploaded of all torrents in the current session), because I don't want to do a “Reset Byte Counters” in the “Home View” each time I start Tixati to calculate it.

I seed lot of torrents, and I think this is pretty much the main feature I miss from others torrent client i have tested. I hope you implement this in Tixati v2.32.

Thanks in advance.
by selta on 2016/04/03 02:24:25 PM    
I know that you are busy with testing and fixing Tixati v2.35-a1, but I hope you will take my request in consideration for the next version.

Thanks in advance.
by Guest on 2016/04/08 06:53:48 AM    
This would be very useful indeed.
by selta on 2016/05/08 11:49:37 PM    
Yes, we hope they consider this feature and implemented it very soon.
by Guest on 2016/05/09 06:10:29 AM    
This has been a wanted feature of mine in tixati for literally years.
by selta on 2016/05/13 07:14:55 PM    
for years !!!
Its sad to think that we may be waiting a long time for this to happen. :(

it's a useful feature ... I think it's easy to implement it.
by Guest on 2017/01/22 03:19:57 PM    
I'm missing this one a lot too since I can't tell how much was uploaded/downloaded during the day (session).
by Guest on 2017/01/24 02:04:28 AM    
Me too :-(
by Guest on 2020/02/03 03:55:47 AM    
There is no "Session Upload" column yet?
Would be really cool to have something like that. The last feature im still missing from qBT.
It's nice to sort by session uploaded and see all the active torrents on the top without them jumping around like crazy as "Last Activity" or "B/s Out" does.
by Guest on 2023/11/02 11:44:55 AM    
I haven't found it in Tixati 3.19 version. can you help me about it?

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