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[REQ] Backround (slow) moving of files

by Guest on 2016/01/22 11:47:58 AM    
When selecting a torrent, or file(s) within that torrent, and changing the file location (which I use a LOT as it allows me to keep seeding when the file is in the correct location in my library) for large torrents (e.g 30Gb+) this will frequently cause the Tixati GUI to lock up for ~30s at a time, and the computer grind to a halt (Currently seeding 42 torrents and seeding 8).

It would be nice to have the option to move files slowly, so I can carry on working, as I'm usually not concerned how long it takes to copy them, it's more important I can keep using the PC?


(Torrent/File) -> Local Files -> Location -> Move...
(Torrent/File) -> Local Files -> Location -> Background Move...

(Torrent/File) -> Local Files -> Move on Complete...
(Torrent/File) -> Local Files -> Background Move on Complete...

Any thoughts? :)
by Guest on 2021/10/03 11:33:18 AM    
I have the same issue because I selected "move files to other folder" after download is complete.. it takes forever, and many downloaded files queue up waiting for each other :( Currently I have 10 queued up..
by pwnagotchi on 2023/02/22 03:29:15 PM    
same issue
by TX007 on 2023/02/23 05:20:14 AM    
by pwnagotchi on 2023/02/22 03:29:15 PM    

same issue
If you want to move large/many files between partitions, it's better to use a specialist program like TeraCopy or FastCopy. Both are fast, allow pausing/resuming, and they have hash verification option. To make sure files are copied correctly with TeraCopy/FastCopy, use "copy" instead of "move", and make sure hash verification is enabled. When Tixati reports later that downloaded files are missing, you will only need to right click over the torrent, and go to > Local files > Location > Move, then choose the new location (where you have already moved files to). If Tixati shows this warning Conflicting Local Files Already Exist, click on merge. By the way, there will be no unnecessary rechecking.

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