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Auto add trackers

by Yetisan on 2015/12/29 12:05:16 PM    
How do I add a couple of trackers to be automatically added to any new torrents I open?
There used to be a easy option where i could just copy paste the list in setting>transfers>trackers but this seems to have been removed in one of the latest versions
by ZarkBit on 2015/12/29 05:28:57 PM    
There's still that option

Settings -> Transfers -> Trackers -> Individual Tracker Options -> Edit and add the trackers.
by Guest on 2015/12/29 06:48:59 PM    
not removed, just made more customizable, but not that hard


tracker url

if  you want more in same group you can use

tracker url

dont forget blank line between each rule (2line set)

help page
by UtkuGARIP on 2023/03/07 07:48:32 PM    
Can you please give me an example?

Also can the current tracker url be added? There is a very nice Github project.

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