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Slow to initialize files?

by Guest on 2015/12/25 09:28:46 PM    
Merry Christmas all!

I've noticed recently, around build 2.27, when adding a new torrent, it's very slow to initialize files. I've just added a 1.1Gb torrent and for a minute or so it said "Scanning..." now it's been going about 5 minutes and up to "Initializing files 31%".

Resource monitor (Win7 Ultimate 64bit, Tixati 32bit) reports tixati.exe is reading ~390,000B/s and Write only about 4,000B/s. (System is writing ~ 230,000B/s) Drive is not fragmented and nothing else is using it heavily. I have a lot of torrents running but mainly seeding from other drives. Queue length doesn't look maxed out (0.05?)

File tab for the torrent shows some parts of the RAR are 0% (i.e. allocated) the rest ramp up Allocating (nn%) very slowly.

Any ideas? I've not swapped any drives or made any hardware changes.

All told this 1.1Gb torrent I think will take about 30 mins to allocate.

Thanks in advance! :)
by Guest on 2022/12/26 01:00:35 PM    
Me too, this is a killer
by notaLamer on 2022/12/27 02:03:42 AM    
What is "Settings - Files - File Allocation" set to? Should be on Fast Allocate.

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