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Please add the Russian language

by Guest on 2015/11/18 02:08:15 AM    
Please add the Russian language?!
by Guest on 2015/11/19 06:12:30 PM    
by Guest on 2015/11/20 03:57:49 PM    
by Guest on 2015/11/21 05:21:58 AM    
Just try to learn English, it's not that hard. Also it is difficult to translate some technical terms (in Tixati settings too) to Russian and make sense lol. P.S. I am russian myself.
by Guest on 2017/07/29 02:31:31 PM    
I envy you. I am also Russian. But I don't understand half of it =(
by Guest on 2020/07/12 02:20:38 AM    
+100 тыщ пицот!!!

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