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proxy setting for tixati

by Guest on 2015/10/25 02:21:53 AM    
hi guys need help. i am using proxy setting to connect to internet, but inspite of trying everything  my downloads doesnt start in tixati. please help me out.
by KH on 2015/10/25 06:53:44 PM    
We're working on the proxy issues right now.

There will be an update posted in a few days that should work much better for you.
by Guest on 2018/11/14 01:51:53 AM    
i am connecting internet via psiphon and surfing the net via browser but when i am trying to download via tixati, download is not even starting. Tell me how to configure the proxy settings in tixati.

i am trying to add address as and port <psiphon port>. which is successfully connecting for IDM.

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