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Feature Request: add column

by Guest on 2015/10/19 11:08:01 AM    
Is it possible to add a column - Location files and status traker in the main window. Example - Name, Bytes, Progress, Status + Location files + Tracker status ?
How to lock button - reset byte counters?
by Guest on 2015/10/21 12:18:06 AM    
i do too strongly suggest that .. and why even do we lack of those in first place.. :)
by janet on 2021/12/12 01:49:24 PM    
Check out Tixati v2.87.
From the news page:
in the Transfers view Layout > Select Columns dialog, added new tab for optional Files view columns
added optional Location column to Transfers view and Files view
added optional Move On Complete column to Transfers view and Files view
in Peers view, renamed Location column to Country
show full paths for tooltip for Location and Move On Complete columns

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