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Connection to myself?!

by Guest on 2013/09/23 08:11:08 PM    
I was noticing in the peer tab, a familiar public ip-address and made a whois look-up to find out the ISP.
It was the same as mine.
So I look-up my own public ip, and the ip was the same!
Could there be someone using the same local ISP as me, sharing the same torrents?
Or was Tixati trying to connect to myself?

So I changed the incomming port and after 2 days I saw it:
Tixati was trying to connect to my own ip and new port number!

Bug or feature?
How so?
by Pete on 2013/09/25 02:08:56 PM    
If Tixati receives your address from a tracker, DHT or PEX, it tries to connect same as to any other peer. It disconnects quickly with "Self connect" message at Status column. Strangely Tixati stays connected to itself when attempting to download metadata (transfer created from a magnet link).
by Nili on 2013/09/26 06:59:55 PM    
I too find sometimes connecting with myself!

What i do is to remove myself with right click my IP > Remove.

But appear later again. So? i ignore because i can't do anything else.

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