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A way to automatically stop a transfer that has been idle?

by animehunt on 2015/09/28 07:15:30 PM    

Is there a way to automatically stop a transfer that has bee idle for long periods of time so that other transfers can start. If not would it be possible to add the function in a future release?

by Pete on 2015/09/30 06:21:23 PM    
The "Auto-manage slots" for Uploads (Settings > Transfers > General) feature does that.
An automatic transfer queue management system can be optionally used by activating one or both of the checkboxes next to "Auto-manage slots". This will rotate your seeds in and out of standby depending on their seed and peer counts, so that your upload bandwidth is optimized toward seeding rare/needed content with greater priority. This feature will also auto-start queued downloads if needed to fully utilize download bandwidth (if the bandwidth throttle is enabled).
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More details here:
by animehunt on 2015/10/04 10:28:58 AM    
My apologies I might not have explained it clearly. What I'm looking for is a way to start another transfer if a transfer is not being seeded.

For example, lets say I have multiple transfers and I just start Tixati and leave it to do its work, but it comes across a transfer which has no seeds, and unfortunately at the moment all it will do is stay with that transfer, until I check on the progress and find that it has made no progress because its stuck on that that one particular one and thereby using up a slot that can be utilised by another.

What I would like is a way to set a time limit on transfers that are stagnate and are making no progress.

by Pete on 2015/10/05 07:06:06 PM    
If I understand your question correctly, there's no such option. Tixati can start additional queued download transfers (above the Download slots limit) if download bandwidth is not fully used. It won't actually stop downloads but I think it is better this way. Eventually a seed may connect, if the transfer was stopped, Tixati wouldn't know. Go to: Settings > Transfers > General > enable "Auto-manage slots" for Downloads. You can customize settings by clicking the Details button. Those settings are explained in the "Download Automatic Skip Queue" section on the bottom of this help page:
by Guest on 2015/10/06 02:12:24 AM    
While I still prefer something closer to what I asked about

From the link you sent

I't looks like I need to change something here

maxextraslots=[2500 8 40]    //max extra download slots, can be a plain integer, or [ *dlslots/1000 min max ]
windowdur=170    //look at bandwidth going back this many seconds
windowtaperdur=10    //and this many additional seconds with a weight tapering to zero
avgdur=25    //average speed must be maintained over this many seconds
minratefactor=700    //no action unless average speed is lower than throttle * this number / 1000
startwait=120     //no action until it's been this many seconds since a download started running (not queued)
stopwait=45      //no action until it's been this many seconds since a running download was re-queued or stopped
startupwait=180    //no action until it's been this many seconds since program startup or offline state (no dht traffic for 20 sec)

But the section doesn't exactly explain how to do that some examples would be helpful.
by Guest on 2016/09/29 01:05:53 AM    
The reason why you had to click extra buttons is because it's "expert" setting.
If you wanted to poke around you could probably reduce the timeouts in seconds.
Otherwise, just let the queue work, as designed. OR you can manage the queue yourself by turning off the options in Settings.

I know there was some work on being done to make sure a transfer does the '72 hour initial seed' rule thats found places... But as I remember the suggestion is to turn on "right click" -> Seeding -> Constant Seeding until the feature is included.

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