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Interface language?
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by Guest on 2015/09/19 11:28:01 AM    
We need some language as french, spanish ...
by Guest on 2015/10/25 05:23:39 PM    
I can help witch czech language, ... jiri.doubravsky(at)
by Wiccio on 2015/10/26 01:20:58 PM    
And I can handle the Italian translation. ;)
by Guest on 2015/11/01 01:42:03 AM    
And I can handle the Portuguese Brasilian translation. ;)
by Guest on 2015/11/04 09:56:57 AM    
german here :)
by Guest on 2016/01/04 01:59:08 PM    
Russian!!!!!!!! Please.
by Mrbytes on 2016/01/14 07:26:35 PM    
Hi, >>>> Spanish <<<<
by Guest on 2016/01/15 12:02:41 PM    
Hello tixati lovers

i can help for French
by Mrbytes on 2016/01/15 02:02:31 PM    
Also translated into Russian, repo Have you got ? in order to work..

by Bugmagnet on 2016/01/15 09:14:19 PM    
The Queen's English it is and will remain!

"Language is the tool of empire"

and so...

All your base are belong to us

by Guest on 2016/01/16 10:19:19 PM    
And I can handle the Portuguese Brazilian translation.
My email: (mod note: private email, forwarded to devs)
by creogenesis on 2016/04/12 06:44:44 PM    
Hey. I enjoyed qbittorent but Tixati for me was a revelation. I would really like to become a volunteer for the translation into Russian. Maybe through the Poedit. Many people want to recommend, but the problem is that there is no localization. From Ukraine.
by Guest on 2016/04/13 03:54:47 PM    
Bloat more with all World's languages please. Thank you :)
by Guest on 2016/11/05 07:18:35 PM    
The fact is, that English is ideal language for advanced users who prefer more complex torrent downloader than more simplistic equivalents. If you prefer simple solutions in your own language, then super simple solutions like Transition or Deluge is perfect choice for you ... Tixati it targeted to pwr-users. So I understand, why tixati developer just ignores this l10n/i18n topic ...
by MorFiN on 2017/01/17 08:43:30 PM    
To increase the user base of such good software I would not rely solely on one language. For a simple layman non-English language translation sufficient for use of this software. I would many of my friends are far from information technology change p2p-client to tixati, but the lack of the necessary transfer stops me.
by Guest on 2017/01/27 09:42:50 AM    
You are using argument of "english for pwr users". But if tixati cant handle so simple task as l10n strings, then its internaly not so powerfull as we expected ...
by Guest on 2017/04/12 07:13:58 PM    
Guitar companies today commonly sell left-handed guitars. Why? They sell more guitars.
Tixati in other languages would obviously broaden its appeal.
by lajhar1 on 2017/10/08 06:41:01 PM    
Hungarian translation when it wins?
by po1725 on 2018/01/01 08:24:51 PM    
I can Translate Portuguese (PT-PT)
by Guest on 2018/01/03 04:18:16 AM    
i can do hellenic (greek) translation
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