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Change tracker URL of several torrents loaded

by elchusco on 2015/09/11 10:06:44 PM    
Hi !

First, sorry for my english..

I've used Tixati for 3 years, and I'd like to thanks for this piece of work !

But here is my issue.

I'm wondering something, is there a way to change the tracker URL of many (almost all) my torrent.
The private tracker i use, had to change its tracker url for security reasons. The thing is I have a lot of torrents, and I wouldn't like to change it manually one by one in the "Trackers" tab.

Is there a trick or something to do like to modify URL in all torrent files with a regex. I rode that, unlike others clients, torrents files aren't stored in a folder but are in a DAT file.

If you have any clue i'd be glad to ear it!

I'm using Tixati 1.95 a version that work fine on the private tracker. They said Tixati? no way ! Let them go to hell, version 1.95 working pretty well. By the way maybe it would be great to have a link to download all Tixati versions.

Anyway, thanks for replies ! Greeting from France :)

Feel free to ask explaination about what I clumsily wrote in my post.
by Pete on 2015/09/12 11:44:21 AM    

It's a little tricky, but you can replace trackers for multiple torrents with Tixati. A few words about the method:
1. Use: Settings > Transfers > Trackers > New Transfer Tracker Adjustment.
2. In order to add a tracker use Tixati's ability to merge trackers when loading a torrent that is already on the transfers list.

How to do it:
1. Make a backup copy of all settings and transfers, use Settings > Import/Export or copy the Tixati settings folder (close Tixati first).

2. Turn all transfers off: right click the top menu > Stop All Transfers.

3. Paste the new tracker URL: go to Settings > Transfers > Trackers > New Transfer Tracker Adjustment, in the "2. Add these tracker URLs" paste the new tracker URL.

4. Remove the old tracker from all transfers:
  a) Enable Tree View: on the Transfers tab use Layout menu > Tree View. In the Layout menu see if Trackers are merged.
  b) Select all transfers for which you'd like to change the tracker URL. I recommend the Text Filter with search for Trackers enabled (can be turned on in the Layout menu).
  c) When all are selected, click the right arrow key on the keyboard, in order to expand the tree.
  d) Select all (Ctrl+a), right click > Selected Trackers > Remove Tracker.

5. Reload torrents in order to merge the new tracker URL:
  a) Again select all transfers, right click > Selected Transfers > Share > Save .torrent.
  b) Pick some easy to find folder and save.
  c) Go to that folder in your system, select all torrent files, right click > Open with Tixati.
  d) Tixati will display a "Loaded Duplicate Transfers" dialog, click Yes to merge trackers into existing transfers.

6. See if everything went fine and Restart All Transfers (right click the top menu). Turn off the Tree View if you don't like it. Remember to delete the private tracker URL from settings, or it will be added to all loaded torrents!

Since just loaded torrents were saved without any trackers (you have removed all of them first), Tixati will just add one tracker from the New Transfer Tracker Adjustment text box. The description above seem complicated but in fact the process is very simple. You won't lose any transfer's details like ratio or uploaded bytes, also you don't need to hash check torrents.
by elchusco on 2015/09/13 03:11:40 PM    
Thanks Pete for your fast and detailed reply.

I give a try and give you a feedback soon.
by elchusco on 2015/09/13 03:56:22 PM    
Just a thing.

When you say :

b) Select all transfers for which you'd like to change the tracker URL. I recommend the Text Filter with search for Trackers enabled (can be turned on in the Layout menu).

I don't really understand what you want me to write in the Text box. The filter is turned on as i use it often, but it only search among torrents names, not Trackers URLs.

Tell me if i'm wrong, but the point of this part is to filter torrents I want to change tracker url, so I can select them all and remove old tracker URL ?

I try your method on a few torrents and it works well. Url is replaced with the one I put in trackers transfers settings. So it works fine.

Thank you so much for that, and anyway if I can't filter concerned torrents, I'll pick them by hand.

by Pete on 2015/09/14 01:13:01 PM    
On the right side of the Text Filter there are two buttons, one of them controls some settings. You can enable search through trackers there, see below.

This will filter all transfers containing a specified tracker.
by elchusco on 2015/09/15 09:54:41 AM    
Thanks a lot Pete for all these explanations and tips.

I succeed in updating all trackers URLs !

Should I set the topic closed ?


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