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Switch between default mode to a less failed hash mode?

by nnq2603 on 2013/09/17 03:03:40 PM    
1st, sorry I can't seem to search the topic about issue that I want to read about... forum doesn't provide search feature. Google came up with some result but turn out deleted or old-unavailable forum link...

We all know that Tixati has a aggressive download algorithm as a natural of program itself. Works very well on large swarm. But for using in many trackers that requires accurate statics report, it doesn't make it. Tixati often report download larger than actuall size of content (and the large amount is very noticable by everyone, it's standout). I read somewhere else, that Tixati downloading process just about as much failed hash pieces as any other torrent clients, but it choose to report all wasted pieces therefore make it report larger amount of download then other ones. Or it actually download more than others because it focus one maximize leech speed more than decrease failed hash pieces got downloaded, doesn't it??

Is there a option and let user force Tixati download as regular as other torrent cliends or at least reports same size as others. At least when I download 2.8GB and it reports 2.8GB not ~3GB as I saw in Tixati (I still have got screenshot snatch table in the tracker if anyone want to check). That's too much difference. Thanks.
by kxmp on 2014/10/24 06:20:47 PM    
Seems tixati use GB and others use GiB
by Guest on 2014/10/25 07:29:21 PM    
Check Settings > Output Formatting, make sure Transfer B/s Display is set to File Only.  Also check whether the byte display formatting is set to G/Gi, etc.

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