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Windows 10 and Tray Icon Failure

by MysticRyuujin on 2015/07/30 06:55:29 PM    
I just wanted to report that I am constantly getting "Tray Icon Failure" while running v2.12 x64 in Windows 10 x64 Pro

I've never received the error before upgrading but I've gotten it like 6 times in the past couple of days. Oddly enough it doesn't happen every time, but it's happening often enough that I thought I would report it. I'd be more than happy to provide logs if that will help.
by ongco on 2015/07/31 10:44:30 PM    
me too have this problem,
i try reinstall after upgrade to windows 10, but after that it is running fine in tray i can't press Add button, Tixati will close because of software problem...
by Guest on 2015/09/20 06:17:00 PM    
Same here, also running Win 10 64bit
by MysticRyuujin on 2016/07/05 09:36:48 PM    
So this issue happens when the resolution changes. E.G. if I remote desktop, switch displays, switch resolution...

Basically, run Tixati, remote desktop to workstation, get error.
by Guest on 2016/07/06 10:54:37 AM    
I've also got this error, and I recently re-installed Win10 x64 Pro. Probably is because that resolution thing you were talking about. It seems my error appears after leaving games in which I've changed res to adjust my display. Hope this help devs so they can fix it :D. Cheers.
by roded on 2016/09/16 03:02:09 AM    
Same issue here. Probably due to connecting and disconnecting my laptop to and from a docking station.
by MysticRyuujin on 2016/11/06 03:03:36 PM    
Any chance we can get some input on this? I'm still getting this issue. I switch between resolutions a lot and I constantly have to close and re-open Tixati to be able to minimize to tray...
by Guest on 2016/11/07 07:32:12 PM    
So this is the log message in the tixati_log.txt on your desktop?
I do this on my 8.1 for a test and didn't happen. I thought 10 was just a repackaged 8.1 :/
by MysticRyuujin on 2016/11/21 12:28:06 PM    
by Guest on 2016/11/21 06:57:27 PM    
@Mystic thank you never seen that before. To keep the window from happening, I would imagine turning off the "minimize to tray" SETTINGS would keep it from happening in the interim before there is a fix.
by csplinter on 2017/05/21 01:39:07 AM    
I get the same problem. Also on windows 10 x64, and I too received the error around the time of using remote desktop.
by Guest on 2017/06/02 06:10:19 AM    
Universal Media Server and Emule have it too. The work around is that all user accounts on your system must all be configured like described below.

This is a microsoft bug in Windows 10 its scaling for High DPI Screens like 4k Displays or small screens with 1920x1080 HD resolution which have a different than 100% DPI. The solution is mentioned after testing several procedures in a standard routine at different scenarios.

* Does your Tixati system tray icon sometimes no longer work?
* Does Tixati crash?
* Does Explorer show low resolution icons, bitmaps or blurry text?
* You can live with a single manually set DPI for all your screens?

Then this will solve not only Tixati.exe but many other software in Microsoft Windows 10 as from every release upto 24th of may 2017. You can find more information in the public beta test section of Tixati how this solution eventually came. It is possible that you might have came here for other software that behaves strangely at anothe High DPI other than 100% or systray Icons or blurry text, bitmaps, icons.
I found out what the problem in any current build is for Windows 10 and change of DPI%.

Microsoft offers for example standard values like 150%, or in my case the last standard value of 175% and on 4k Displays Microsoft should offer standard value 200%.

As soon as one uses these Microsoft suggested standard values problems arise. Now this is because at these standard values people can have multiple screens eacht with their own DPI%.

However, the solution to all problems is not to choose a value that Microsoft offers but to manually enter your own High DPI% number value, even if it is 150% (but ignoring microsoft offering to do it.)

So one must not choose Microsoft standard values, one can pick any value upto 500% but a person must manually enter the number like I did with 149% manually, and manually 150% works too, but Microsoft suggested 150% does not work.

Scenario's tested when using Microsoft standard High DPI suggested or manually override High DPI, rebooted after every change of DPI%, crashed en restarted explorer.exe, played games that change resolution. And the conclusion at the end.

DPI=150%, microsoft recommended, Tixati in systray works fine when killing explorer.exe and restart explorer.exe and nicely pops up back.
After playing a game Tixati is still in the systray and one can show Tixati.exe with it, but Tixati can no longer minimize to systray
Killing explorer.exe and restart explorer.exe fixes this systray issue.

DPI=175%, microsoft recommended, Tixati in systray works fine when killing explorer.exe and restart explorer.exe and nicely pops up back.
After playing a game Tixati is still in the systray and one can show Tixati.exe with it, but Tixati can no longer minimize to systray
Killing explorer.exe and restart explorer.exe fixes this systray issue.

DPI=175%, microsoft does not recommend it, MANUALLY override, all displays get 175% DPI, every procedure fine.

DPI=200%, microsoft recommended, see 175% microsoft recommended and 150% microsoft recommended

DPI=150%, microsoft does not recommend it, MANUALLY override, all displays get 150% DPI, every procedure fine.

DPI=200%, microsoft does not recommend it, MANUALLY override, all displays get 200% DPI, every procedure fine.

Conclusion, the standard High DPI% that Microsoft offers must be manually overridden, even if it is the same High DPI% which is very ironic.
I can now use 150% DPI since I do not use the Microsoft recommended 150% DPI but I override it with a manually 150% DPI.
One must manually simply override suggested Microsoft values and I can not use it for example.

This is PERFECT since I now have a beautiful DPI% although I must enter the 150 value manually and force it and DO NOT USE MICROSOFT RECOMMENDED DPI%
In the future Microsoft will work this out eventually, but all my screens have the same resolution and same DPI%.

*) Note, a MANUALLY override DPI is at the same location as the Microsoft suggested DPI, always use MANUALLY override it always works. But your screens all will have the same DPI that is the price.

Now this fixes everything. Again Microsoft its bugs not the user. User trusts a Microsof suggested value like I did, and that caused all the bugs which only become visible like after playing games or playing an emulator of the C64 at a 320x240 screen resolution change for example.

These bugs show up only when every step is repeated, if you never do game or never play an emulator that changes display resolution you would never see this bug in Microsoft Windows 10 DPI scaling
by Guest on 2017/06/05 09:33:44 AM    
To change DPI% in Windows 10 Manually you need to do this. It is very simple actually, but it works.

1 Right click on empty place of your desktop
2 A menu will popup, choose for 'Display Settings' but then in your language.
3 Search in the new configuration window for the text 'Scale and Layout' and 'Change the size of Text, Icons, and Other Items'

4 This is very important!

Look for: 'CUSTOM SCALE'

Do not use suggested values, you will use a DPI that is the same for all displays, so look for 'CUSTOM SCALE' (in your language)

5 A Window where you can MANUALLY enter a number will show up. This VALUE you must enter by hand can be, 125 or 150 or 175 or 200 which are standard values.

6 Your system will ask to log out. If you have other accounts on your system you must first test the adjusted DPI to your wishes, test it and then change every user account to that DPI just in case you login with multiple users for example.

7 If everything is fine, it might be your cursor is very small, like at 149% DPI, you get everything in high resolution but a very small mouse, but at a manual 150% DPI your mouse is normal. You can always modify your mouse cursor but at numbers I gave that is not needed.

8 The only product I for now know that needs 100% DPI nomather what is OBS Open Broadcasting Software, for if you want to stream live desktop composition and your face with your Webcam on Youtube or Twitch. However if you use OBS to record your desktop only it will work.

9 All your displays will have the same DPI%, please note as soon as a user with another DPI% logs in the problem in explorer.exe system tray will return. Hence you will have to give all users the same MANUAL OVERRIDE DPI% just in case.
by Guest on 2018/07/16 08:56:36 AM    
Still an issue with RDP sessions. I get there is a DPI workaround but it's still a bug/issue with Tixati as all other applications handle it fine...Tixati is the only app that fails to close to system tray because someone does an RDP session.
by mehdus on 2019/03/29 11:59:48 AM    
I'm having this issues every time I switch users even when they have same resolution and scaling (both standard and custom values)
Even though Tixati is the only app that won't close to tray, some other tray icons become blurry too which is a known Windows 10 bug.
My workaround is to restart explorer.exe process when it happens and Tixati will close to tray again.

You can make it easier by pasting in a bat file these lines:

@echo off
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
start explorer.exe

by Guest on 2020/01/05 08:00:43 PM    
Same issue with Tixati 2.66.

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