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Sort the transfers list alphabetically

by loninappleton on 2015/07/02 04:33:31 AM    
I spend a lot of time looking for individual transfers in the list.  They seem to hop around at random.

Is there a method that places the transfers where they go?

Once done is there a way to alphabetize the list to search?

Followup question is a feature request to add search to the
transfer list.

If I've missed any of these options which may be installed already please advise.
by Pete on 2015/07/02 06:49:15 PM    
Go to the Transfers View, there is the Layout button on the top right, just under Help button. You can enable the "Sortable View" there, which allows you to sort by column (click on the column's header). In order to return to default sorting, sort by Status.

Under the same Layout button you can enable "Text filter". It is a search bar that filters list of transfers, by default it can search in transfers' names. It comes with three buttons: on/off switch on the left, clear button on the right and settings button on the far right. The last button defines how the search works and what information is being searched. For example you can enable searching in Trackers, so that the search bar will filter all transfers containing specific tracker.
by loninappleton on 2015/07/02 10:05:35 PM    
Thanks Pete.

Lots of things about Tx I don't know.
by Guest on 2015/07/02 10:19:20 PM    
Still playing with the 'sort'.

At the Name header, left or right clicking opens nothing. I see no function for it or pointer highlighter to show anything is going on.

I know from previous questions that the columns can be slid around to change order.

What are the steps to sort the transfers in the  window  alphabetically  when the "sortable view"  button is selected?

I have now used the Layout to reveal the "filters" bar which might better be called "search" for clarity (mine anyway.)
by Pete on 2015/07/04 03:33:43 PM    
To sort by Name alphabetically just left click the column header. You can also reverse order by clicking the header again.
by loninappleton on 2015/07/05 08:32:51 PM    

Also I just experimented with moving placement.  That can be done by dragging the transfer title up/down in like manner to bookmarks.

My error in clicking the header (Name) was right- clicking on it.  But a left click did the alphabetize.

I'm still vague on what position things land on such as after completion.  Does it have something to do with prioritization?
by Guest on 2023/10/16 12:29:54 AM    
I had Ordered view in the Layout section so it was preventing me to do any sorting by columns.  Clicked Sortable view and it works as intended. No idea why default is Ordered view :D
by Guest on 2024/01/07 06:30:53 PM    
I'm crying. I damaged my sight searching for transfers and now with this information it's so easy, and flexible as usual on tixati.
You can click on name and later click on progress and you'll have first the finished downloads and they still will be ordered alphabetically, but now grouped by progress.
The best program hands down. Thanks.

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