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"Move to top of que" feature?

by Guest on 2015/06/01 08:49:53 PM    
I would like to request a feature that makes new torrent ask if we want to move them to top of que, similar to how utorrent does. Also, it would be nice with the same feature when right clicking any active torrent and be able to select "move to top".

Also, I mean to the VERY top, in other words as "number 1" torrent, not just up to top below actively downloading torrents as now when I manually right click and select "Que up".

I would like to "que up" certain torrents to the very top of active downloads not only to the top of inactive torrents..

So in other words, when adding a new torrent, there should be a checkbox like in utorrent saying "move to top of que", and also when right clicking any active or inactive torrent, it should also be possible to select "move to top of que" instead of only "move up" one step at a time -- if you got 50 torrents its very time consuming when you got the last torrent at bottom and want it up at the top and as active download!

Thanks for great client otherwise!
by Pete on 2015/06/02 06:47:38 PM    
Drag and drop with a mouse works for rearranging queue. You can drag a queued seed to activate it, however the same isn't possible with a download. For downloads there's only Skip Queue context menu option.
by HyeVltg3 on 2015/07/30 06:02:36 PM    
Im not 100% sure what youre asking because it sounds like you want the "Skip Queue" feature, but you say you dont.
If you wanted to move the selected torrent or multiple selection(hold crtl to choose which torrents or shift to select a list, just like files/folders in windows) to the Top or Bottom of your torrent queue with "Queue Up" and "Queue Down" respectively, Hold SHIFT when you click "Queue Up" or "Queue Down", it moves it right to the top/bottom.
About your need to start torrents right away, when the Prompt comes up for newly added torrents you can R.Click the "Start" button and it gives the option right there to "Skip Queue"/start downloading. Use my above tip if you just need this newly added torrent to be "Queued 1"
again not even sure if thats what you wanted, you went in some odd circle, either that or you didnt take time to find these features and just assumed they didnt exist, I think I found these myself on trial and error sometime way way back(couple years ago), I believe these are in the FAQ/Doc if you take the time to look there.

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