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Where does tixati save Transfers List?

by HyeVltg3 on 2015/05/28 09:50:37 PM    
Having some unrelated driver problems in Windows 7, so I made a system image of C: and reformated, I completely forgot to export tixati settings.
I would like to restore my entire Transfer list, completed, currently downloading and queued.

Where does tixati store such information?
(hopefully in the C: drive or Users folders...have a 100% image of my entire C drive, browseable.)
by Guest on 2015/05/29 04:46:57 AM    
Try here:

C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\tixati

make sure you are showing hidden files or you wont find 'Application Data'

just take what's in that folder (copy, dont move so you will still have the old tixati untouched) and put it into your new tixati folder. Tixati should be the same.

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