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Option to not create subfolder fo torrent

by Guest on 2015/05/07 09:44:18 PM    
Tixati has the ability to not create a subfolder with the name of the torrent and download content directly to a specified folder?
For example, if torrent named CoolAnime contains 10 .avi files is it possible to place them into '\downloads' instead of '\downloads\CoolAnime'?
by Guest on 2015/05/08 10:19:27 AM    
I would like to second this request.
by Krytical on 2015/05/08 10:35:22 AM    
Pretty sure there is no option for that by default.

For individual torrents you can go to the "files" tab of the download, and right click on each of those AVI files, and choose the "Move on complete" option.

This will move only the AVI file, and not the whole folder...

I do this for downloading shows and things into Plex media center.
by Pete on 2015/05/08 01:54:14 PM    
Only way to do that I know of is to use Move function on all files (select files, right click > Location > Move) and place them outside the folder. Then you can manually delete the folder.
by Guest on 2015/05/12 02:36:37 AM    
yes i too would love this feature added. i do the same as previous poster... select to move on completed, and then i delete the folder later. this is very time consuming to do one by one.. thanks for the great program though!
by Guest on 2019/10/16 02:33:59 PM    
Very important tihs feature, from Mobile app is posible skip subfolder, but from desktop version no. Please add this feature, important for Plex users

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