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REQUEST: tracker error warning color in transfers view ?

by Guest on 2015/04/23 08:34:07 AM    
The one thing I'm still direly missing on Tixati, and which I believe would be quite simple to implement, is a color code specifically for tracker errors in the transfers view.

In other words, if a transfer has a tracker connection error, it should be listed in a different color (ideally customizable through the UI settings), as a immediate way of letting the user know that something's wrong with that transfer/tracker. Or at least is should be so, when a transfer has a single tracker and/or it's flagged as a private torrent.

Please note that this is not a matter of aesthetics but of practical usage. It's not about the color, but about the visual warning purpose that color serves. All other bittorrent clients I ever tried had this.

For all the graphs and indicators that Tixati has, currently, a user only knows that there's a tracker error with any of his transfers if he specifically checks the trackers tab below for each individual transfer. That just doesn't cut it for people who use multiple private trackers and sites, and require a one-glimpse means of knowing that one of those trackers or sites are down. For all one knows, a tracker could be down for hours or days or a different problem could be happening with a user's connection to that tracker, and the user won't even know about it, until he happens to click on the trackers tab... eventually! Not good.

Please, PLEASE consider implementing this small, and easy to implement, but important feature ASAP. Thank you!
by Guest on 2016/10/01 01:53:56 AM    
Settings -> User Interface -> Custom Colors
by Mohadib on 2016/10/03 06:17:57 PM    
this is not what he asks.
It would interresant, I use the tree view, and a color code for the tracker
errors would be an additional option to consider by the dev if possible.
from france with love.
by Guest on 2016/10/03 10:20:58 PM    
We have Peers, Seeds, RSS, IPFilter, DHT but nothing for "TRACKER"
Could use the same scheme... Text, Background, Foreground, Selected, Error
by Guest on 2016/10/19 12:18:19 PM    
by SkirtoliS on 2016/10/25 03:01:14 PM    
I join the request
by Guest on 2016/10/27 02:30:19 PM    
Good idea!
by Guest on 2016/10/31 05:32:37 AM    
I agreed and I join the request, this option is very useful.
by Guest on 2016/11/08 03:07:31 AM    
by Guest on 2016/11/16 05:46:44 AM    
This would indeed be very welcome.

Just the other day I had a private tracker down which affected several of my torrents, but it took me hours to realize it because all the torrents look "okay" in the transfers view.

I suggest this is made to apply only to torrents on which ALL trackers are giving errors (including torrents which only have one tracker), since it's normal for public torrents with multiple trackers to have some of them down.
by Guest on 2016/11/16 05:23:36 PM    
I understand the interface works different in listview or tabview... Listview the colors would probably be self explanatory... Are you also asking like if trackers ==1 and tracker.status ==ERROR then printf(ERROR)
by Guest on 2020/02/21 07:10:10 PM    
This feature would be greatly appreciated.
by Guest on 2020/03/03 01:04:52 PM    
+1 from me as well.

i like the color idea, but i'd also think an extra column with the latest response from the active (or only) tracker (success, error, time-out,...) would be handy. A column would allow for sorting and thus kind of grouping transfers with same state together.
i don't want to mess with the OP's request, so i'll add another feature request separately.
but having this color based on tracker status (even if only in case of error) would certainly be a good start.
by Guest on 2020/03/04 05:32:20 PM    
by Guest on 2020/04/13 10:12:36 PM    
Just wanted to bump this.

Managing hundreds of torrents that get updated often can be difficult without the ability to color tracker errors.

More colors! Colors for everything! Please add this feature for the next release.


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