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[Feature request] Add a textbox in all file/folder dialogs

by Andys on 2015/03/30 02:23:12 AM    
Hi, I'd like to request an addition of textbox in all file/folder selection dialogs.
That's because currently there's no way to paste path or filename into these dialogs, you have to navigate to your folder in tree manually.
Copypasting path string from another app is much faster and foolproof method. Because:
1. If you really need to change path or move file to another folder, then most probably you already have another explorer window or application containing new path string.
2. When navigating manually, there could be mistakes in complex folder structures. Copying the path removes the possibility of mistake since you can browse in windows explorer, check folder contents and then copy complete path string.
3. When relocating several files or torrents to new folder, pasting new path for each one is MUCH faster.
by Andys on 2015/03/31 01:16:52 AM    
Another advantage for copy/paste function:
4. Current tree view does not support hidden/system folders, i.e. you physically cannot browse and select these folders. Ever.
By pasting the path, you can enter deliberately hidden path. For example - I usually hide folders for temporary downloaded chunks and torrents in progress, since these aren't really useful for anything and seeing them is just a distraction.
by Jorge24 on 2015/08/28 07:08:41 PM    
+1 I would love this feature as well, I consider it essential in any software that prompts you for a folder location.

I think the best way to go about it is to make Tixati use Windows Explorer to choose the folder. All the other torrent clients I've used do that. By using Windows Explorer to prompt for the folder location, you not only have the ability to paste the folder path from the clipboard, but you can also see hidden folder and have access to all the other Windows Explorer features such as the favorite folders side bar, properties columns (date modified, date created), ability to rename folders, etc.
by Guest on 2015/08/29 05:06:11 AM    
try this:

go to Settings->Behavior and click the configure button for 'transfer loading priority/location prompt'.

Now go down that window to the 'Location and MOC Controls' and change that to 'editable full paths'
by Jorge24 on 2015/08/29 04:07:32 PM    
Changing the "Location and MOC Controls" to 'editable full paths' lets you edit the path when adding new torrent.
However, this does not work when trying to change the location of an existing torrent.
by Jorge24 on 2015/09/06 03:02:57 PM    
It also doesn't work when you have to select a file/folder to create a torrent, nor does it work when you are choosing the location in which to save the .torrent file (Share > Save .torrent) of the torrent you created.
by lighthunt on 2016/04/16 04:11:45 AM    

+1 (or +1.000.000 if I can vote with all my fingers) for this request. Tixati is an awesome torrent app and I use it exclusively, but your proprietary folder selection dialog drives me crazy. I tend to use categories a lot (on the fly). Why do I have to click like a monkey thousand times  to go deep into the directory structure? It always starts from root. It does not use the torrent home settings. It does not remember last position used (so that I can start and update/add from there). It does not allow me to copy/paste path manually. Seriously that dialog is pain in the ...
Can you please add  textbox to be able to skip to the path quickly? It would improve usability a million times. Or even better, just use the OS file selection dialog, so that i can benefit from favourities folders etc etc etc. What is a reason for the crappy proprietary dialog anyway?
This has been requested here on the forum many times. Is anyone listening?

Thank you
by Guest on 2016/04/16 06:57:41 AM    
have you looked in Settings->Behavior->Transfer loading priority/location prompt. in there you can change the 'Location and MOC Controls' to editable full paths.
by lighthunt on 2016/04/25 01:31:14 PM    
... change the 'Location and MOC Controls' to editable full paths ...
Yes, I did, but as Jorge24 above mentioned, that does not solve the problem at all. Thanks
by Guest on 2016/09/21 09:36:25 AM    
The reason it looks the same. is probably because the same code is used with different GUI for both Linux and Win builds.
The "history" for folders is helpful in this instance.
But I do agree if you need to sort. it's liekly to hurt your click finger.
CAN I suggest an alternative. If you use Categories.. why not allow it to be
default folder:
moved folder:
category folder appended to default... like c:\download\category1\file.123
Can also be used for nested categories since we can make selector/divider categories.. c:\download\category1\subcategoryA\file.123

I am aware paths go reverse for linux ~/user/storage/tixati/download/category1/subcatA/file.123

Perhaps not having other viable ways is because no suggestions seem to make sense to the dev team? :D Please put on the roadmap.
by Guest on 2020/05/19 07:00:09 AM    
by JAK0723 on 2020/09/13 04:17:47 AM    
I would really appreciate the addition of this feature.
by Guest on 2021/04/04 04:21:39 PM    
Huge +1

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