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Post here your custom color scheme screenshots !
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by Pete on 2015/01/31 11:15:53 PM    
Very nice! Could you give us the scheme file?
by Gwiizz41 on 2015/02/01 04:24:00 AM    
Thanks Pete for your comment!

Yes, below is the Magnet Link.

It's not 100% finish, but most of it is done. You are free to play around with it.


Cheers, Tommy
by Guest on 2015/02/07 07:15:24 AM    
Most pleasing and easy on the eyes!
by Guest on 2015/02/09 08:16:50 PM    
Very nice color scheme, thank for sharing.

I'll like to see this scheme as part of Tixati's official options.

by Guest on 2015/02/10 02:28:00 PM    
What happened to the torrent??
by Guest on 2015/02/11 07:19:58 PM    
Ask nicely and you may have it ... or NOT (may be it is NOT for you) :)
by Guest on 2015/02/12 02:44:05 AM    
Indeed, its awesome!

I'll like to see this scheme as part of Tixati's official options.


You've got my vote, Michael... This one really makes a great choice, smooth colors and very pleasant on the eyes for very time use.

by Guest on 2015/02/12 02:47:01 AM    
I like it so much, thank you.
by Guest on 2015/02/13 12:58:25 AM    
by Sailor24 on 2015/02/13 08:09:13 AM    
Thanks looks way better than what I had managed to do.
by Gwiizz41 on 2015/02/13 05:44:22 PM    
My pleasure, Sailor24 and thank you for your comment!
by Guest on 2015/02/14 06:03:27 AM    
Nicely done "Gwiizz41", I owe you big time.
by Guest on 2015/02/14 06:05:33 AM    
Good job!
Thanks a lot for sharing it.
by Guest on 2015/02/15 01:22:35 AM    
Awesome job, thanks
by Guest on 2015/02/15 02:31:37 AM    
Very nice, thanks for the scheme file.
by Malcom on 2015/02/16 02:32:06 AM    
Very well accomplished, thank you.

I hope that more people will share their mods.

I've tried a couple times, but never had finished one.
by Gwiizz41 on 2015/02/16 02:19:06 PM    
I have done 3 more schemes.

This one is a very extreme mod, and it's name is NEON.






Cheers, Tommy
by Gwiizz41 on 2015/02/16 03:10:04 PM    
... and BabyGirl


Cheers, Tommy
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