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How to block a country?  Doesn't want to work.

by Guest on 2015/01/08 05:05:25 AM    
I've been playing around with the IP Filter and would like to block a country.
However, when I add a filter with @countrycode and then restart Tixati, I see that it is converted to \\@countrycode.
But it still connects to the country and nothing gets filtered.

What am I doing wrong.

I'm not looking at URLS or anything here, I know how that works in IP Filter.  All I'm looking at is blocking a country.
by Pete on 2015/01/09 11:21:21 AM    
You don't have to restart Tixati, in order for a new filter to work. If there is Error in Status column and \\@Country-Code instead of @Country-Code, it means the country code is invalid, not recognized by Tixati. Use these country codes:  .
by Casper on 2015/01/10 03:43:01 AM    
Thanks, I was using the country code (number).  This worked immediately.
by Guest on 2019/04/23 04:58:02 AM    
OS: Manjaro Linux
Tixati version: 2.59

I go to that Wiki page and checked for the codes, and still doesn't work for me.
No matter what country code I tried, it still connects.
The IP filter is active and working, if I add any IP address they are filtered out. Only the country codes does not work.

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