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RSS Filters

by Guest on 2014/10/07 03:37:33 PM    
Hi, just wanted to ask how to do multiple filters? for e.g. i want particular season and quality. Currently i can only filter out one or the other, 720p or 18x (season 18). If i try both "720p""18x", it doesnt seem to pick it up. Am i doing something wrong? Ive tried to use "exclude" in some situations but it is not ideal. If tixati doesnt allow multiple filters, id like to request them as they would really help clear out unwanted downloads from a feed.

thanks for all the work on tixati, its really starting to polish up now!
by Guest on 2014/10/08 03:02:01 AM    
try using match and all
by Guest on 2019/06/28 02:50:29 AM    
It really seems that RSS filters are broken.
by Guest on 2019/06/28 02:54:14 AM    
There is no way to add multiple terms to filter.  "Title""720p" use to work, now not so much.

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