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understanding the status ( seeding area)

by chanbara on 2014/09/22 10:46:21 PM    
Hi all! Would someone please learn me in understanding the STATUS section [ Seeding 0 (33) 2 (6) ] in TIXATI.

#1 I 'm assuming that 'seeding' is what it's doing after the download is done? Am I assuming correctly?

#2 What does the numbers stand for? I know the number changes , but what do the numbers mean?

Example:[ Seeding 0 (33) 2 (6) ]





#3 When's a good time to end after helping the community?

Thanks everyone!
by Guest on 2014/09/23 08:35:40 PM    
eg. 2(3) 5(10)

2 = # of seeds you are connected to
3 = # of seeds that are available.

5 = # of peers/leechers you are connected to
10 = # of peers/leechers that are available.

you cant always connect to everyone you find. some peers may be behind firewall and such.
by Guest on 2014/09/24 12:51:04 AM    
Press F1 for help in any particular area you'd like help on within Tixati.

(1) Yes, after a download completes it will typically 'seed' the downloaded data back to other users requesting it until the Tixati client reaches its configured 'seeding ratio'.  If you had a seeding ratio of "1.00" configured, and downloaded 350 megabytes of data, then the client would continue to upload data back out to other peers until 350 megabytes had gone out.  I think the default is "1.30" in Tixati, so for every 350 megabytes downloaded, 455 megabytes would typically be uploaded back to others.

If a torrent is particularly slow to download sometimes you may find data going out faster than you receive it, and by the time the download has finished, can already have uploaded a greater amount than the client's configured seeding ratio, so it's possible it can fall into a 'stopped' status immediately after download completion due to having already met, or exceeded, the configured target seeding ratio.

(2) The status numbers that look like e.g: 5(10) 9(15) mean the following:

     5 = number of clients you are currently connected to that have already completed their download (seeders/seeds)

   (10) = number of available seeders in total that your client is currently aware of for potential use

     9 = number of clients you are currently connected to that are still actively engaged in download (incomplete peers)

   (15) = number of available incomplete peers in total that your client is currently aware of for potential use


Seeds = Users (technically 'clients') that have completed transfer and are in the process of giving (seeding) back (completed peers).
Peers = Users who have an incompleted download still in progress (incompleted peers).

The terms 'seeds' versus 'peers' is a bit confusing really as technically 'peers' should refer to all clients, both complete and incomplete, but that's just how people tend to differentiate them; completed seeds, versus incompleted peers.

(3) Good practice is to always upload (seed) at least as much data as you download back to the community (so, a ratio of 1.00, or greater).
by chanbara on 2014/09/25 01:55:58 AM    
Thanks everyone! I'm a newbie:

How do I practically do the following:

"(so, a ratio of 1.00, or greater)."

Where do I look to see I've done this?  How do check?

Thanks again!
by Guest on 2014/09/25 03:48:47 PM    
Settings > Transfers > General > Stop seeding on upload ratio above > ...
by chanbara on 2014/09/26 01:25:46 AM    
Thanks I 'll try that!
by Pete on 2014/09/27 10:29:24 AM    
Enabling the Ratio column (using Layout menu) helps too.
by Guest on 2021/10/10 11:35:10 AM    
Is it possible to view your overall seeding ratio since the program was installed?  

I have my ratio set to x5 but sometimes they don't seed at all if not popular.

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